Buy-side Business Broker Service

Over the years as a businessman, I have seen this reality with investor friends and entrepreneurs: there are plenty of motivated buyers, but it is hard to find businesses to buy.

I had looked at the possibility of doing traditional business brokering which largely includes helping sellers. However, the model is highly wasteful. The business broker representing a seller is churning through many offers, having to keep a large amount of listings and converting a low amount.

My approach, philosophy and nature are to be efficient, not wasteful. I spend much of my time running businesses and advising business owners to eliminate waste and drive profitability through efficiency. I often share Taiichi Ohno, founder of the Toyota Production System and his approach:

“Production should flow swiftly and calmly throughout the process, and one of management’s key tasks is to identify and remove impediments to that flow. Everything that stands in the way is waste.”

I don’t like waste. And I like helping people.

Thus, helping investors to find a business to buy and represent them with a buyer brokerage service is value with much less waste compared to seller brokering.

There is a possibility there may not be a business that fits your criteria.

But there is a much higher possibility that you will be owning the business you are seeking within a year of working through a buying process.

How We Work Together

We would work together to identify and pursue the purchase of a qualified business. Here is what we would do together:

  • Have a discussion about your goals and aspirations.
  • Identify the criteria that is important to you for purchasing a new business.
  • Working to research, qualify and approach business owners that fit within the criteria.
  • Reviewing the business valuation based on history, financials, operations and market opportunity.
  • Conducting a gap analysis to figure out where the qualified businesses are at today compared to potential future valuations based on growth and efficiencies
  • Provide a purchase offer for the business based on a valuation.
  • Agree to purchase the business

It is hard to find good businesses. Most owners are not looking to share information publicly, especially if their competition is able to access such information. Furthermore, a large number of business owners are not wanting to go through the traditional brokering process.

Having a human, personalized and qualified conversation has credibility for sellers. We are looking for a match between your criteria and a business owner’s current reality.

If you are interested in buying a business and would like help in this process, feel free to connect with me to explore by filling out the form below. Thank you.

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