Effective Proposals

Persuasion through the written word is a powerful skill set. Patrick Riley’s book The One-Page Proposal is a great tool for your library to be effective in today’s fast-moving, information surplus age. He has testified to how he presents to recipients of his ideas through a one-page proposal after learning the secrets from one ofContinue reading “Effective Proposals”

Stingy, Measured or Generous?

What describes you? Scarcity or Poverty? Hoarding or Generosity? If you asked your friends, they can probably tell you. We all like to be considered generous, but sometimes, we are too nearsighted. I have observed real winners in business and they have this great quality of generosity. They don’t measure what they give out; theyContinue reading “Stingy, Measured or Generous?”

Increasing Capacity

A recent Runner’s World article featured interviews with CEO’s of major corporations. These are guys under immense pressure from their responsibilities. The temptation they all have in times past has been to work harder and longer. However, over time they realized they were hitting walls usually in health or sanity. They started doing the counterintuitiveContinue reading “Increasing Capacity”

Remarkable is in the Rear View Mirror

Seth Godin stated in Purple Cow, “Remarkable is not in the eyes of the marketer. It doesn’t matter one bit how hard you worked on something or how cool you think it is. It’s up to the consumer. If the consumer thinks it’s worth remarking about, then you’ve got a purple cow.” For those thatContinue reading “Remarkable is in the Rear View Mirror”

What Do You Want to Be CAPABLE Of?

That is the question to ask. It is not, what will provide for me? Or what gains me prestige? Or what can I accomplish? These are all limiting questions. How do you expand yourself…yes, you as a man or woman walking this earth for a finite period of time till dust reclaims you? Todd Skinner’sContinue reading “What Do You Want to Be CAPABLE Of?”

Criticism is Not Failing

Seth Godin states in Purple Cow that, “We’ve been raised with a false belief: We mistakenly believe that criticism leads to failure.” I agree with Godin’s assessment. Look at the winner’s around you who are novel in their approach to business and life. They handle criticism as part of their learning. There is only winningContinue reading “Criticism is Not Failing”