Alignment as a $36M Running Value

The SaaS company WorkBoard announced it closed a Series B round for $23M to total out its fundraising to $36M to date. At this point with their revenues tripling year over year, they have market validation. With more complexity and faster growth, keeping the main thing the main thing is a core business challenge forContinue reading “Alignment as a $36M Running Value”

How to Drive Clarity

Are you doing what you are supposed to be doing? Is the work you have been doing for many years as relevant today, or are you having to unlearn and reinvent? I think that effort and working hard are relatively natural for many driven and successful people that I know. The hard part is theContinue reading “How to Drive Clarity”

Trust, But Verify

If you want to grow your business, you have to have good people to delegate functional work to. Otherwise, you become the bottleneck and risk making customers unhappy. Many years ago, I remember learning the lesson of delegation early while working an engineering project. I had a designer working on new revisions for drawings ofContinue reading “Trust, But Verify”

Eliminate Meaningless Work

We can laugh at the paper shuffling reference as a bygone era, however, you would not be hard-pressed to see manual processes still being run today. Regardless of the efficiencies, cost-savings and better customer experience of digitization, old habits can die hard, especially in businesses. Never mind if your livelihood depends on such inefficiencies. InnovatingContinue reading “Eliminate Meaningless Work”

Maintaining Energy

Pushing on your work takes an intense amount of energy. And without energy, it’s hard to maintain consistency, perseverance and results. Energy is not a given. You have to foster your routines and habits to keep peak performance going. I like to hike, play tennis, trail run and snowboard to get me into a biggerContinue reading “Maintaining Energy”

Schedule Working Meetings

I am a big fan of working meetings. They cut through the back and forth of getting something done. It actually creates time and space to get real work done in real-time with another person or group. Too often, we talk about the secondary stuff: What we are going to do. When we are goingContinue reading “Schedule Working Meetings”

The Discipline and Joy of Blogging from Seth Godin

It is truly refreshing to listen to candor in a world full of hype and noise. The connected world today feels like high school. We are inundated by popularity and hype continually because of the internet. And we have the sage advice of someone who has been persistent, humble and substantive on why it isContinue reading “The Discipline and Joy of Blogging from Seth Godin”

Pursuing Work That Has No End

I heard a fantastic interview of an entrepreneur that adopted this motto in his ventures by Avot de Rabbi Natan, “Do not be afraid of work that has no end” I like closure and results. The kind of thinking that creates big movements, such as ensuring every human being has clean water, is daunting, toContinue reading “Pursuing Work That Has No End”