How to Create Content that People Care About

I have a lot of resources on my site from many years of helping people in concrete, real-life ways. Check out the most recent resource on creating content that is valuable to people. At the end of the day, you either truly contribute and help people in specific ways, or are simply in the way,Continue reading “How to Create Content that People Care About”

Be a Lateral Thinker

When we are buried in the details of our work, it’s hard to look around and see connections to worlds outside ourselves. We can be talking to the same people within our crowd, read the same blogs, and look at the world through a myopic lens. Some of the big ideas of today such asContinue reading “Be a Lateral Thinker”

Pick Two Types of Service

The temptation for businesses, especially after they have success, is to overreach. You have the choice of price, quality and service as your focal points in the marketplace. But you can only have two. We are tempted to be all three. But we live in a world of natural trade-offs. Part of being in businessContinue reading “Pick Two Types of Service”

The Problem with Infrequency

How do you know the price of something? Ultimately, it’s an agreement between the seller and buyer. You don’t have to pay the price. You could go elsewhere and get what you want cheaper. Or you could forego what you want if it’s not a need. Buyers are at a disadvantage on infrequent items. IfContinue reading “The Problem with Infrequency”

If You Are Not the Winner Do This

Someone has to be the the winner. Someone has to be Facebook. Or Uber. Or Google. In our connected economy, we have a winner-take-all dynamic. It’s easier to consolidate and see a clear winner arise from leveraging a business system. However, what we see and are aware of is based on a success bias. We don’tContinue reading “If You Are Not the Winner Do This”

Everything is an Experiment

  Here’s the simple strategy for keeping you from getting washed away in the tides of innovation all around you: Observe what’s happening around you in your world and see what people are buying. Come up with 3 ideas that get people to buy. Build a solution and sell it to one customer. Observe theirContinue reading “Everything is an Experiment”


You don’t have to do business the way you are set up currently. You could take the same core value you sell and repackage how you present your wares and skills to the market. The position you are in was a choice. Maybe it was practical. Early on someone asked for a price. You named it andContinue reading “Repackaging”

Think Big But Work Small

There’s no shortage of opportunities today. In fact, it’s cheaper and more convenient than ever to envision and put an idea you may have into play. Imagine trying to make your idea happen in the 1960’s. It would be both extremely expensive and difficult to get it out for others to even take notice. That’sContinue reading “Think Big But Work Small”

Focusing on Probability Rather Than Certainty

If you haven’t read Daniel Pink’s book, To Sell is Human, make that your next read. Pink aptly describes the changing dynamic of the information economy and how disoriented old school salespeople and managers are using old tricks. Buyers have more information than sellers. This changes everything from home buying to car leasing. The old approachesContinue reading “Focusing on Probability Rather Than Certainty”

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