Breaking Through Your Glass Ceiling

If you have worked in corporate environments, then you may have heard about career glass ceilings. It’s where your skills, influence or situation prevent you from getting promoted any further in the pyramid structure on the org chart. Something is limiting you, whether yourself or your environment. If you are a business owner, you mayContinue reading “Breaking Through Your Glass Ceiling”

Don’t Confuse Expensive With Priceless

If you are so focused on price that you miss the quality, the expense may overtake you in other areas. With poor quality something gives. That’s the problem with being focused strictly on price. It creates blinders to the true overall cost. No, we should not confuse expensive with priceless. They are two different categories,Continue reading “Don’t Confuse Expensive With Priceless”

What To Do About Your Limitations

I do not believe you can be successful continually working in your weaknesses. We all have them for sure. There are things we struggle through and the effort that we have to expend compared to someone who has strengths in the same area should tell us that there’s a more efficient way to approach ourContinue reading “What To Do About Your Limitations”

Using Twitter to Share and Express Gratitude

I do believe that gratitude is powerful, profitable and contagious. Recognizing the moments and the people that make a difference in your life will help you realize the right perspective of how you become successful. Here’s a quick way of developing a habit that you can use with Twitter and sharing and recording your gratitude.Continue reading “Using Twitter to Share and Express Gratitude”

Trying To Please Everyone is Losing

Do you know someone that everyone loves? I mean 100% of people they know? There are always haters, critics and cynics. The more success you experience, the more you will see people that just will not like you. The problem is not the reality that you likely have people that dislike you. The real issueContinue reading “Trying To Please Everyone is Losing”

Get Faster or Get Out of the Game

When you look at the core actions you do every day as a knowledge worker, can you say you are faster than before? Are you continually growing and increasing your speed? If you are having trouble making progress, then you have some choices: Try harder Give up Change professions The first takes focus and commitment.Continue reading “Get Faster or Get Out of the Game”