How To Build a Culture of Getting Things Done

It’s much easier to get things done on your own than trying to align a team of people. The reality is that people do not enjoy being micromanaged and most people don’t want to have to follow up. So what is required when you need everyone on the same page and executing? I have workedContinue reading “How To Build a Culture of Getting Things Done”

We Are All In The Project Business

There may be vestiges of work that still exist in an industrial model format. For the rest of us, we are in the project business. We work on gigs that have to meet a goal. The teams, tools and tactics maybe be different for each project. Our ability to work fluidly between projects is necessaryContinue reading “We Are All In The Project Business”

3 Salesforce Project Management And Collaboration Tips

It is not uncommon for organizations to customize for managing projects with their respective customers.  It seems these days that this is an increasingly frequent use case beyond the traditional requirements of using Salesforce for the sales process.  The ability to mold to your business processes makes it attractive for enabling how yourContinue reading “3 Salesforce Project Management And Collaboration Tips”

4 Email Template Strategies email templates are an important tool to integrate in your sales and service processes.  Your team will connect with prospects and customers with their phones or on email, both inbound and outbound.  For phone conversations, these are logged as calls and appear in the Lead or Contact’s Activity History. In the case of sendingContinue reading “4 Email Template Strategies”

Salesforce Project Management Customization

Customizing for project management allows you to extend your system to manage how you deliver your service and create a customer experience.  Marketing agencies requiring project management and service-based companies that require activity tracking and accountability can have specific requirements which differ from one company to the next.  Here are some customization approaches weContinue reading “Salesforce Project Management Customization”