Implement This Critical Growth Hacking Technique

You may not have big data as the likes of Wal-Mart online or Amazon. However, if you don’t understand your data set from how customers buy and engage with you, then your selling efforts can be highly wasteful. You could be working on things that don’t matter and waste money in the wrong areas tryingContinue reading “Implement This Critical Growth Hacking Technique”

Growth Hacking by Networking with the Business Cycle

If you notice there’s a weekly business cycle. Try getting someone’s attention on a Monday morning and you will find unreturned calls and a frenetic pace. Now try touching base with people on Friday mornings and you have a much more relaxed conversation on the phone. There is a weekly cycle we are on, andContinue reading “Growth Hacking by Networking with the Business Cycle”

Selling By Being Organized

IBM used to train their salespeople with the BANT method: Budget Authority Need Timing It’s still an excellent framework to ensure you are selling to people that can say, “Yes!” However, that last item, “timing,” is a big variable today. We work within much more chaos and the vast majority of businesspeople are disorganized. TheirContinue reading “Selling By Being Organized”

Find the Disproportionate Sales Channel

The power law is alive and well. If you have not figured it out already and are one of those souls insisting in a flatter, linear and evenly distributed world, your aspirations might be highly elusive and frustrating. For whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have,Continue reading “Find the Disproportionate Sales Channel”

Use Growth Hacking To Test Your Ideas×445.jpg Can you imagine simply starting 5 different entrepreneurial ideas at once? With the simple constraint of time, you would naturally minimize your risks and attention and use growth hacking strategies that would help you figure out what is worth investing further attention towards. That’s the beauty of a world where we have digitized ourContinue reading “Use Growth Hacking To Test Your Ideas”

Efficient Selling and Data Decisions

It’s a strange thing to think that behind the scenes engineers at Amazon are studying your every move. They are honing in using machine learning and predictive analytics on your behaviors to present you the right offer at the right time at the right price. It’s the competitive reality of retail. Wal-mart, Nordstrom and HiltonContinue reading “Efficient Selling and Data Decisions”

The Attention-Starved Reality of Selling

How do you stand out and sell in a world of infinite choice, easy access and endless world-class products? We have too much of everything. But we are limited in our ability to give attention to everything. We can only read one book at a time, use one product at a time and talk toContinue reading “The Attention-Starved Reality of Selling”

Yes, But Do They Value It

Hearing that phrase, “You have to add value,” can sound wonderful as part of your business habits. But what does it really mean? It can be a lofty idea without materializing into something real that connects with another person. The better question when you are working with a customer is to look at them withContinue reading “Yes, But Do They Value It”

Meet New People Every Day

It is intriguing when you meet a new person, hear their backstory and discover how they contribute. At the end of the day, business is people. Life is people. We can get so wrapped up in our work and routines that we limit ourselves by not experiencing what is new. Your next opportunities, enjoyments andContinue reading “Meet New People Every Day”

Sure, But Are You Committed?

It’s easy to dabble. There are so many things to try in this big wide world we live in. Pick your entertainment, and you can find the Youtube channel of choice to discover how to cook, do comedy, build furniture or play a new sport. My kids visited the headquarters of a premier yo-yo manufacturerContinue reading “Sure, But Are You Committed?”