Be Careful How You Grow in 2018

New Years always feels so fresh with anticipation. We close the books for the previous year and reconnected with friends and family over the holidays. Then there is this new outlook of opportunities. Exciting. I am thinking about a lot of different fronts for growth, as are many people I know. Growing revenue. Growing teams.Continue reading “Be Careful How You Grow in 2018”

Build In the Cost

Part of living in reality is accepting all its shortcomings and inefficiencies. All the inputs you may work hard to put into a system – materials, technology, talent, management, etc. – will not work at maximum efficiency or ever be balanced. When your systems become more complex, there is going to be more leakage andContinue reading “Build In the Cost”

Do What You Are

When I find people unhappy in their work and listen to what’s dissatisfying them, the usual issue is that they are not doing what they are. It’s no secret most people hate their work. But why persist in misery when there is all this choice out there? You have one option. And then there areContinue reading “Do What You Are”

Test Your Strategies to Discover the Truth

The amount of information that flows into our lives is bewildering. The continual ticker tape of news feeds and stock prices in the old days pales in comparison to every person getting their own say. It’s so easy to push out a post or have an opinion and make it known. I often wonder, especiallyContinue reading “Test Your Strategies to Discover the Truth”

Create More Options and Stop Working Harder

When you are not getting the results you want, is it better to try harder or diversify your options? While there are myriad circumstances, when the law of averages governs the game you are playing, more options, attempts and scenarios can be a strategic move. Instead of working hard on one relationship build a hundred more withContinue reading “Create More Options and Stop Working Harder”

Strategies to Hack Uncertainty

Everything you know right now probably won’t be intact in a few years. There are too many changes and forces that are acting on your present version of reality. And the pace is only picking up. Simply look at people’s LinkedIn and see how fast they are switching jobs. Or do your research on wages,Continue reading “Strategies to Hack Uncertainty”

Think Smaller

Everyone is not Elon Musk or Larry Page. In fact, it’s extremely rare to have such a quality of big thinking such as solving “billion-person problems” and sending humans to Mars. You have to have extreme vision and, at minimum, have your stuff together. If you are stumbling over simple things like getting things done orContinue reading “Think Smaller”

Fooled by the Law of Diminishing Returns

At some point, the effort and cost are not worth it anymore. The Law of Diminishing Returns kicks in when building a business or even building a life. More investment of your time, money and attention may initially have high returns, but then at some point, the rewards taper. Will more efficiency make a large impactContinue reading “Fooled by the Law of Diminishing Returns”

Business Owners Rock

I posted some ideas on how to work with business owners over at the Huffington Post as an author there. Not everyone is an entrepreneur. A person’s fear and personality largely hold back most people from making the decisions and taking the actions necessary to make an idea happen. Personally, I have found that business ownersContinue reading “Business Owners Rock”

Assume What Worked Before is Not True Anymore

It can be overwhelming and plain daunting when you look at the speed of how media, attention and content work. The same is true for sales, entrepreneurship and business building. You have the problem of exponential change around you and our brains don’t lean this way naturally. We like to think progress is slow, notContinue reading “Assume What Worked Before is Not True Anymore”