Are You Carrying Buckets?

Carrying buckets

There is a story of a mountain village that had experienced a severe drought. The drought had created a problem for the village. They were without water, and the elders of the village convened to figure out how to solve the problem.

After much debate and deliberation, the elders decided to hire two men that were responsible for bringing water to the village.

The first man saw a great opportunity and grabbed 2 large buckets. He immediately took the long journey down the mountain and filled his buckets with water from the valley below. He hiked back up numerous times each day and provided water to the village at a premium price. It was hard work, but the reward pushed him forward.

His work got so busy that he hired his sons to help him carry more buckets. He was making money quickly and easily, and he was happy.

A Different Strategy

The second man was not heard from for months.  The village elders and the first man assumed he was not interested in the business opportunity and had disappeared.

Building Pipes

However, one day he showed up. He had set up a surprise grand opening at an outpost of the mountain village. While the first man was carrying buckets, the second man took a different strategy. He looked at the problem and realized there was an abundant supply of water in the valley below. Realizing the opportunity before him, he invested his own money and had a pipe with a pumping system built from the valley below to the mountain village. This day, he was turning on the spicket to the endless supply of water he was bringing to the village.

The village was ecstatic. Not only was their problem solved, but the water was now half the price. The first man had cut his prices immediately and worked harder than ever to keep up with his bucket carrying operation. He soon went out of business because he could no longer compete with the second man’s water system.

The first man enjoyed some benefits of his immediate gratification by carrying buckets. The second man patented his pipe system and started contracting with other villages to build pipes for them across the world.

Building Pipes

Many businesses are carrying buckets. Whether it is selling or servicing a customer, they have a fleet of bucket carriers.

I work with businesses to help them build pipes.  It requires strategic thinking and execution around business systems. Building the business systems which help you to grow your business requires a mindset and commitment to pipe building. You can learn how I work by clicking here. You can find out more about specific areas of consulting here:

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If you are tired of carrying buckets and want to grow your business by building pipes, I would be glad to meet with you.  Click here and take a next step.


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