Content Automation


Content Curation and Distribution

People use the internet to get information or be entertained. It happens through video, audio and writing. It’s all content.

You may have had good intentions when starting a blog or building a social media presence. But over time, you find life and work get in the way, and it’s difficult to keep pace with a publishing schedule that is consistent and long-term.

However, your audience and sales pipeline require consistency, especially in a world that is filled with endless content.

You have a choice. You can try harder and see what happens. However, if you find inconsistency again, it can be frustrating, and you may get discouraged.

What Matters for Sales

You want to remain in front of prospective customers and partners. You know it’s important to stay top of mind.

What matters for selling is that you keep showing up consistently and frequently with valuable information. Traffic and attention are what matters so you can get sales.

Did you know that you can automate the process of content curation and distribution so that you continue to show up and get traffic?

Here is a strategy and service we can engage in if you would like to ensure you keep your sales funnel flowing by having content in front of your audience:

  1. Researching the optimal keywords and phrases to position you and get found via search and social media
  2. Setup and creation of related articles and content from sources based on your brand
  3. Publishing and indexing your curated content on your own blogging platform to increase your online presence and traffic over time
  4. Monitoring and optimizing curated content to attract visitors
  5. Distribution of your curated content to your chosen social channels to get followers, connections and leads

If you want to get found, get sales leads and remain consistent forever while you building your own online assets, then fill out the form below. I can share with you how we can work together on this strategy:


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