Content that is Valuable

Don’t create content for the sake of marketing or showing off. It’s wasteful.

The better way to truly be valuable is to share how you have truly helped someone and leverage what you did into content.

Think about that for a second:

You either help people or you don’t. If you do, then it can be valuable.

So, in addition to filling out the thoughts above, which I can review and share back some thoughts, use this process in creating value for others instead of just creating content:

  1. Help someone in a specific way
  2. Create content from how you helped the person – writing, video, audio, etc.
  3. Share with another person specifically the content you created and how it could help them
  4. Repeat. Multiply.

Be generous. This allows you to know what really helps people in real life, share it with others and help others with experiencing your value.

If you build enough of these pieces, create a Youtube library or a resource section on your website to organize and share knowledge that you know works and is powerful to help your current and prospective customers.

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