Strengths Test for Couples

coupleWould you like to maximize your impact and influence as a couple? Are there times when you feel misunderstood? How many times have you thought that if your spouse/significant other would change that one thing, life would be easier?

As humans, we all have a unique lens through which we see the world and operate naturally in our day-to-day life. As intimately as we know our partner, there are likely gaps in communication because we do not see the same things – we take in information and emotion differently. We might not handle goals and details similarly. And then, instead of respect and collaboration, we judge.

As a couple, it’s necessary to operate as a team. There are a multitude of details to manage as a couple. Decisions around business, career paths, and investments add a level of complexity that require honest dialogue. Alignment around vision and goals should be anchors to the direction and future of a family culture and legacy.

Strengths Testing

What if you had an understanding about your own core motivations around ideas, relationships, goals, and details? What if you understood and valued your partner’s?

We offer a strengths test that will give you the clarity and language around these core areas. You will gain insight around where you naturally succeed and where you will always struggle. We call them strengths and blind-spots.

In addition you will gain deeper respect for your partner’s talents and gifts and seek ways to complement their weaknesses instead of judging them.

Test and Consultation

When you and your spouse/partner sign up for the Strengths Testing, you will each be sent an online multiple-choice test to fill out. It should only take you 10-15 minutes to complete.

Once we have received your results, we will schedule an online phone consultation to go over your scores and offer insight into your areas of connection or misalignment. Our goals are to help you understand each other better and to share the areas to grow in synergy. We will also send you a summary of your tests and our consultation.

We all have strengths and blind spots. We will help you identify them and articulate their consequences, particularly around ideas, relationships, goals, and details. You will leave with new tools for understanding and communication and the confidence to really invest in your strengths, your “sweet spot.”

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