Grow Your Engineering Firm or Practice’s Revenue

engineering services marketing

Managing engineering projects for on time and on budget is part of the challenge of a professional services firm. Developing a pipeline of business is oftentimes an even more difficult challenge.

I have spent many years studying, practicing and working with engineers. And over the years, I have learned both the technicalities and nuances of growing such businesses.

As engineers, we like to think in terms of process. The sales and marketing process required to grow your engineering business has to be set up with the right systems and business development approach.

If you are a principal, owner, or engineering consultant and you want to have a business development and marketing process that works long-term, then we should connect and discuss what this might look like for your firm. I would be more than happy to dialogue about:

  • How to grow a network that will provide business for your firm
  • Creating attention and attraction for potential clients
  • Managing the continuous relationship and upsell as a best practice
  • Positioning your brand and value
  • Creating and managing a pipeline of winning proposals
  • Development of a customer service process

In the classic book, The E-Myth, Michael Gerber points out that the reason small businesses fail is because of the entrepreneur myth. A person who is good at their trade, a technician, runs the business with the same mindset as a technician rather than as a business owner. Owners think differently and work on the business rather than in the business.

I am assuming that you provide excellent engineering technical service. Working on your business and building a strategy and system for growing your client base, revenue and opportunities allows you to grow your engineering services business.

Let’s talk about how we can make this happen. I help successful companies scale in systems for increased revenue. Fill out the form below. Thanks. I look forward to connecting.

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