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Setting Up Your Brand

Building your brandWhen setting up your business, the very first thing which you need is a professional email address.  The impression your recipients have of receiving email from a,,, or even worse, email address, is that you are not a serious business.  You are not affiliated with a professional entity or organization.  This can affect your brand perception when trying to get business or get things done.

Having your email on a platform which will help you grow your business without headaches will save you much expense and problems in the future.

Google Apps Business Platform

Google Apps is not only an email platform for your brand, but it is also a powerful collaboration system.  You can manage documents, share and collaborate on calendars and build an intranet for your business processes and knowledge for you and your team.

Furthermore, as your business grows, you can work with team members wherever they are in the world.  You can chat in real-time and work from any computer anywhere.

In the old days, there were servers to manage, IT people who were babysitting your technology and spam threats continually.  Today, you can operate securely and freely from anywhere and manage your business operations from this simple and powerful platform.

Partnership And Launching

My team will help you get set up and successful using Google Apps. It is a platform which will allow you to increase your productivity with speed and peace of mind.

Here is what we will do to help you get going:

  • Implement the IT side of Google Apps
  • Set you up with an email
  • Set up your user email accounts
  • Set up calendar sharing
  • Set up secure instant messaging
  • Train you on productivity habits for your email and calendaring
  • Set up mobile access
  • Assist with contact imports
  • Provide a month of first tier support

Small businesses to Fortune 500 companies use Google Apps to reduce major IT costs and increase productivity.  For you, it is important to your brand and making vital, inexpensive, yet powerful technology drive your business.

Next Steps and Costs

If you would like to implement Google Apps and set up a productivity system with a brand that represents you in the marketplace, contact me by clicking here. We will look at your current systems and map out a process, budget and timeline for moving you onto the Google Apps platform. Your current email, calendar and contact and a strategy for migrating these will be reviewed.

Each Google Apps user license is $60 per user per year paid to Google. You get 25 GB of email storage and 5 GB of document storage.

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