How I Work

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I work in a methodical, clear and collaborative way with my clients and partners. My goal is to always create clarity with a workable strategy, get agreement and execute a task list.

Here is how I work when it comes to projects which you can see many of my clients have been delighted with:

  1. Conversation: We get on the phone or in-person to talk through the outcomes you want to make happen. I take a lot of notes and ensure I am clear.
  2. Clarity: I send my notes with ideas, strategies and a way to make your desired outcome happen.
  3. Agreement: Upon agreement that I heard and provided a solution to your problem, I send you an estimate from my QuickBooks Online system for the budget and timeframe to get the work done. Once you agree, I convert this to an invoice for payment to get the project started.
  4. Project: Upon payment to commence the project, I schedule a kick-off in Google Calendar to work with you or your team and ensure we have our deliverables for me and you itemized. I create a Gmail Task list with each deliverable.
  5. Execution: After I execute on each deliverable, I send an email documenting the work to ensure you have clarity and reference. I check off the respective deliverables.

I communicate throughout the process by email so we can stay in sync and you have records of work.

I also document in knowledge base posts if that is part of our project so you have a place to search, reference and access systems and process information. This becomes an asset to your business.

I would enjoy working with you. I maintain a high level of productivity and professionalism to support you and your business towards the goals you seek. Connect with me to engage the consulting process I have refined over many years by filling out the form below: 

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