How I Work

Thank you for connecting with me and considering doing business together. I wanted to provide some insight into how I work with my clients to help achieve higher levels of success. Each project has different challenges and goals. Your own situation will likely vary based on what you are seeking to achieve.

I have a framework for serving my clients that can help you understand how I work. Here are a few highlights:

  • Exploration. I will provide some preliminary consulting time to help frame what the problem is and what the options might look like around your goals. If there is a fit, I will let you know. If there is not a fit, I will also let you know. My goal is to bring value to you so you can get clarity around what working together might look like. This might include some initial brainstorming, mind mapping, or collaboration on technologies and systems. When it feels naturally an opportunity to work together, we can agree to take a next step for doing business together.
  • Process. Mapping your process for building a system or getting things done involves a collaborative approach. I typically work onsite or online with my clients in real-time in a dialogue. We explore various ways you have sought to get things done as well as other avenues that I suggest in the course of our engagement. I then build out a process map that creates a blueprint design for how to build systems to help your business grow.
  • Strategy. We will continually collaborate around strategy. I like to create communications and a way for creating, capturing and acting on strategies for success. There are likely always obstacles. We walk through the options for overcoming obstacles and implementing streamlined systems that will work based on the constraints of your project and business.
  • Project Management. From our plans, there are a set of deadlines and deliverables. I manage this in a collaborative project management system where you can see progress and have clarity regarding how we get to the goal.
  • Communications. There are questions along the way. I have systems to facilitate ongoing communications and am committed to being responsive. You will feel comfortable asking questions and providing input. I like to provide convenience in this client relationship process as we work towards your goals together.
  • Systems. Building and implementing your systems requires technical aptitude and engineering. I like to help educate my clients on various technology options and how they would work to enable processes and workflows we design. Then I go to work integrating, testing and implementing technology that makes sense.

The result is a system that works. I like being methodical, yet flexible, based on how your life and business works. I look at our work together as a partnership. We agree on the goals, and I provide the leadership and approach to get to your desired goal.

An easy way to get started is to Click Here to schedule a meeting. I look forward to working with you.

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