How We Work On Your Project

When you engage our services for implementing and customizing, our team works in a methodical way to help you towards higher levels of success.

We have implemented hundreds of systems for customers and here are the best practices and approach we take to help you on your journey as well.

  1. Requirements come from you.  We track all of the requirements in our project management system at  You will see a requirement translated into a To-Do item each time.
  2. We advise on strategy. You hire us for our advice and strategy.  As you articulate the requirements for your system, we will help to clarify how the system would work and where you can gain productivity and best practices with our advice based on our expertise.
  3. Communications are ongoing and are diligently captured. We capture all of our communications in your Salesforce Success project area.  This allows us to have a searchable and archived record of our agreements and what has been completed.
  4. Process is critical to focus on. can accommodate lots of data, fields and objects.  However, more is not better.  We want to make the tool the slave, not the master.  We are always going to help you think simpler to help your team execute business processes quickly.
  5. A strong champion makes all the difference. Leadership is what makes successful.  The tool is used by millions of people, however, success is elusive for those that fail to recognize that who is leading, both as advisor (us) and as champion (you), is critical for success. We will push for a strong champion.
  6. You get clarity as we deliver. There are things you are unaware to ask for.  This is natural.  Your clarity increases as our team delivers.  Understand that your requirements may increase because you become aware of the constraints and opportunities with
  7. Perfection is not the goal. Having every feature accounted for is an elusive goal.  The truth is that you are always refining and tweaking.  The goal should be on your team using the system to get things done productively to increase revenue and operational efficiency.  Launching and adoption should be the focus.  Your team’s feedback will create new requirements and adjustments.

Our team at AscendWorks is focused on helping you win.  The process is collaborative and iterative.  Using a powerful system like affords you the opportunity to continue to change as reality changes or your requirements or perspective changes.

We always want to ensure your expectations align with what we articulate here.  This allows for us all to be on the same page going forward.  We look forward to working with you.

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