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Increase Your Performance Now

Success in life and business starts with one key ingredient – understanding and living into your sweet spot.

Without this ability, you will be working in your weak spots.

Most people are unaware of their strengths. They are simply mired in their weaknesses because there has not been a clear articulation of where they can succeed and where they will always struggle. Consider Jim Collins’ statement learning from Peter Drucker on management:

One of Drucker’s most arresting points is that we are all incompetent at most things. The crucial question is not how to turn incompetence into excellence, but to ask, “What can a person do uncommonly well?” This leads, inevitably, to a conclusion: Your first responsibility is to determine your own distinctive competences—what you can do uncommonly well, what you are truly made for—and then navigate your life and career in direct alignment. “To focus on weakness is not only foolish; it is irresponsible,” – Jim Collins on Peter Drucker’s Effective Executive

Enhancing Your Business Performance

I have worked with many owners and individuals over the years, and have found that they continually play out certain scripts. When they start to desire different results and scale their business, they need to be able to think differently. This test helps them understand why they keep making the same decisions and allows them to see where they can make changes. If they manage teams, it also helps them understand how others are wired and how to influence and motivate them effectively.

Step One: Complete the Style of Influence (SOI) Assessment

Understanding your strengths starts with an online login to a short test to gather relevant data that assists in develop an articulation of your “style” or the way you are “wired.”

This assessment tool is called the Style of Influence or SOI. It captures your individual behavior and articulates how you influence others. This test uses established methods of measurement with exceptionally high statistical accuracy in a manner that is different from your typical “personality profile” assessments.

The test takes about 10-15 minutes to answer about 80 questions. You should answer the questions in a way that reflects who you are today.

Step Two: Consulting Session

Individual Training

We will schedule an online meeting to go over your results. During this individual consulting session, we will explain the results and dialogue around your personal style of behavior to offer you clarity.  Questions back and forth help to provide context for how your strengths can be used as well as what to do with your weaknesses. Following the consultation, we will send you a summary as a reference.

Group Training

In our workshop segment, we guide teams through a series of discussions: the first is about the impact of style as it relates to the team and the leader; the second is about managing each team members’ style in the work they perform on the team.

Couples Training

Over the years, we have had many business owners request tests for their spouses and have found great impact and value from walking through the consultation as a couple. The more life is blended for couples – business and home life – the more effective teamwork is crucial. You can click here to find out more information about this service and sign up for the tests.

Get Started

Getting started is easy. Fill out the form below to place your order for a strengths test and consulting. You will then be guided on to complete the online assessment.

The strengths test takes about 15 minutes to complete, and results are immediate. Step 2 is about an hour and is really the heart of our program. It is often regarded as “life-changing,” “a punch in the gut,” (in a good way) and “eye-opening” from several of our past clients.

This consulting session will not only make an impact personally, but it will impact your entire business or team in a way that will increase productivity and sales.

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