LongJump Consulting

LongJump is a powerful platform for helping your sales and service processes. The opportunity to make LongJump work in the context of any business makes it strategic for collaboration and driving revenue.

We consult with companies using LongJump to help them towards higher levels of success. This will depend on strong leadership, clear processes and effective implementation strategies.

You may have some specific questions or a way you want LongJump to support your business processes. We can start with an initial consultation where we can work through strategies as well as explore the possibilities for customizing and programming your LongJump database.

Areas where I have helped past clients with success include:

  • Business process mapping
  • Technology identification for third-party integrations
  • Custom software development and integration
  • Management reporting and dashboards
  • Sales process design
  • Customization of LongJump data objects and fields
  • Data automation

Every problem is different, and in our initial conversation, I can help define and create clarity around what needs to be done. Feel free to connect by filling out the form below.

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