NoteTaker Wallet Strategies

David Allen NoteTaker Wallet
I love my NoteTaker Wallet!

Capture Ideas, Notes And Information Anywhere!

One of the key productivity tools I use is David Allen’s NoteTaker Wallet. I love the feel of the matte finish leather and the design of the wallet for carrying credit cards, business cards and most importantly, a pad of paper with pen.

The Rotring Esprit pen is portable and expandable. It is comfortable to write with and I can carry it in my business suit or back pocket wherever I am.

If you are like me then you get great ideas in places that are inconvenient. It could be from talking to a friend over coffee or walking around. It’s important to capture the thoughts or they are gone forever. This wallet solves the problem in style and I cannot imagine life without it. It’s one of my most important tools.

If you have this wallet, then here are some strategies for using it in your busy life that can help you towards higher productivity and success:

  • Get clarity. Writing helps you think. Pull out the pen and jot down a current problem you are working on. Get all the issues out and ensure that are out of your head and on paper. Then think through solving problems on each issue.
  • Facilitate Listening. If you end up in a meeting with others, writing down what you hear shows respect for the listener and helps you stay engaged. Carry your notetaker wallet everywhere and use it for both spontaneous and planned meetings.
NoteTaker Wallet Always Ready
Always Be Ready!
  • Be ready. This expands on previous points. You have your wallet. Any incoming phone call or new discussion is now ready for serious thought and focus. You can present ideas on the spot with others in your meeting.
  • Move To Action. High performers move to action quickly. Turn ideas into action. Create lists and ensure they are captured. Anything I capture as an action is listed like “@ create proposal for Jeff” or “@ send a surprise gift”. Don’t lose opportunities.
  • On-demand advice. Dialogue creates great opportunities. Now you can provide a resource – website, person, article, etc. – by simply writing it down, tearing off a perforated sheet and give it to another person. You don’t have to send it later. Do it now! Be instantly valuable.
  • Make business deals. Pull out your pen and outline what a deal could look like between you and a prospective or current customer. Draw out anything complex and list details. Then use it to make a more formal proposal. It’s a great tool for getting agreement on the particulars and getting commitment.
  • Narrow your focus. To stay focused on many projects and lists, I like to write down what I need to get done for the day on one sheet and cross off the action list. The goal is to complete it and throw away the sheet at the end of the day. It can focus your tasks especially if you have many to manage.
  • Make a difference. A short list of people you should touch for the week or day can be generated and kept on one sheet. Decide to send a nice note or gift to each person. Manage it in your list.
  • Shopping. You can use your notetaker wallet for getting items at the store in addition to capturing great ideas at the store. The practical and the high level are both part of your psyche and experience.

I am sure there are many other ways you can use your NoteTaker wallet. I wanted to share a few and hope that it helps you in your productivity. Feel free to subscribe for more articles on productivity or read some here. At the end of the day, it’s one more tool to help you lead your life and others more effectively.

How are you using your NoteTaker Wallet?

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