Personal Productivity

Increasing your personal productivity keeps you from falling behind. The amount of work coming into your life will likely not change. It can be relentless.

However, with the right system and process, you can gain greater peace of mind and get things done. It takes work, new habits and a process for managing your inputs so you can increase your outputs.

30 Day Productivity Coaching

To Do ListIf you are tired of being overwhelmed and want to see better results, then there is a way to increase your productivity for higher performance. I have worked with individuals, teams and corporate executives to help get things done. I have systematized this process for personal productivity coaching which will provide you with greater efficiency and peace of mind.

This is how we would work together:

  • Systems assessment: Review of your information inputs and how they are providing value.
  • Process analysis: Mapping your process for managing information.
  • Cloud systems review: Training and coaching on cloud and mobile computing platforms.
  • ZeroInbox Process: Training and implementation of a zero inbox process approach.
  • Process review and coaching: Meetings to review your progress and reinforce habits.

We will have three on-line, real-time meetings over a 30-day period.  Each of these meetings will have specific goals to move your personal productivity towards a continuous process. First, we will review your systems and personal process and outline any necessary new goals or systems. During the next two meetings we will work together and review progress. This will help to build your new habits and processes.

The cost of this coaching package is $349. You can fill out the payment form below to get started. I will schedule our first meeting with you to get started, thereafter.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Otherwise, I look forward to serving you and helping you to achieve higher levels of success in your life, business and work.



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