It is a crowded marketplace. Being too general and vague in who you are and what you offer will only give you an empty pipeline of opportunities.

This confuses people when they can’t associate what you do in their minds in a specific, targeted way, much less tell others what you do.

Two quotes to consider by Seth Godin:

“What you say isn’t nearly as important as what others say about you.”

”People only buy from you for two reasons. They know you exist, and they trust you. Awareness and trust, that’s all.”

So, let’s help you think through getting specific, targeted and even niche, so you are clear to people who have very little attention:

Answer these questions, and be as clear as possible. If you are not clear with yourself, your target customer will be much less clear.

If you would like help getting clear, feel free to contact me for business consulting to walk through how to create the clarity you need to go to market and get new customers.

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