Sales Prospector

Networking is how professional sales is done. How do you network?

Old School

When we weren’t connected and had so many things coming at us, we as business professionals networked. It’s how business largely got done.

But that was a time when people would meet you for coffee or lunch.

That was a time when you went to bad breakfast network meetings and gave the same pitch to the same people with poor results.

The face-to-face helped build relationships. But it’s a lot of time, and people are extremely busy today in our connected economy.

Networking for Sales Prospecting

If you are doing B2B sales today, your prospective customers are extremely busy and focused on efficiency. We still want to connect in a human way with others. It’s just done differently, and there’s a ton of noise out there. It is important to connect consistently and with personalized touch with people who we can do business with.

But most people don’t have the knowledge, consistency or approach to network well and drive sales.

Our sales partnering with clients works because we execute a strategy for sales prospecting with consistency and personalization. We network with people in your industry as a sales prospecting partner to:

  • Get weekly sales opportunities up to 20 per month
  • Build a large and useful network for doing business
  • Get found and approached for business deals
  • Position correctly over time to get more sales

Let’s discuss what that might look like by partnering and help you get sales opportunities. Fill out the form below and connect with me to explore our Sales Prospector service:

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