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For Salesforce Consulting work, we can visit at your offices or downtown at WeWork, 600 Congress Avenue, Austin, TX 78701.

Salesforce Consulting in Austin, TX is a service I provide for business clients seeking to set up or optimize their system. I work with teams on a regular basis, whether with small businesses seeking to set up a new sales process or enterprises with initiatives to build an efficient database workflow for their team.

As a consultant and advisor, I work with your team to understand your business processes, culture and management.  Whether you are wanting to start an implementation of or refine your current setup, I will help you achieve higher levels of success.

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation

I start with a simple conversation to understand your goals and the requirements for your system. Feel free to schedule an appointment with the form below.  During this time, we will review your requirements and what a working engagement to get to your goals would look like.

I will seek to understand and help clarify your business processes to be implemented using and the customizations and integrations that are important to move forward.

If you already have up and running and want to examine how to make your system successful, I work with clients on strategies for adoption and increasing revenue. I also work with managers to gather the information they need to make decisions and support their users gain better results.

It all starts with a complimentary consultation. Feel free to let me know a convenient time to review your goals and requirements.

I look forward to connecting soon.


Don Dalrymple

Google Voice Number: (512) 360-8744

Austin Salesforce Consulting

I have worked with companies to grow their businesses with since 2000. These consulting engagements have included setting up a new business to helping enterprises with change management and user adoption. Based on your goals, I will help to custom design a strategy and plan towards the success you seek from a management and user approach.

I can work with you via phone calls, web meetings and onsite at your offices based on your requirements. We can also meet at my WeWork offices at 600 Congress Ave downtown Austin.

Every Salesforce system is different based on your business processes and market requirements. Reviewing sales and business processes and customizing the fields, records and layouts is a collaborative project that we can accomplish through a series of working meetings together. In such meetings, I help provide clarity with agreed upon action items.

I seek to offer my experience, network and insights in our first meetings so you can assess the kind of considerations and projects that makes sense to implement. Training at Your Austin Office

If you would like to help your users and management to increase their productivity and efficiency using, we can train at your Austin offices. This can be designed based on your team goals with onsite workshop style training. We can work through such items as:

  • basics and usage
  • Managing lead records from inbound sources or outbound sales prospecting
  • Converting leads to accounts
  • Management dashboards and reporting
  • Email best practices and HTML email opens and click tracking
  • Task management and follow-up
  • Opportunity pipeline management
  • AppExchange apps to consider for extending functionality
  • VisualForce third-party custom software development
  • Customer support and Case record management

Training can be conducted with half-day to full-day sessions up to a week working with your users and managers. We can provide seminar training with hands-on follow up and support materials to reinforce using efficiently.

I also help with documentation based on how you want your users and managers to use your Salesforce system. This can be done with a searchable knowledge base or a simple long-form document. This provides reference for existing and new users to improve their adoption.

Customizing Fields and Records

The powerful ability to create and modify fields and complete data objects and records in enables your organization to build repeatable business processes. I spend time understanding the inputs and outputs you are seeking to achieve. I will also offer insights on the trade-offs for adding fields, field types and records. is a relational database and there are often efficient ways to enter data and manage information that can be considered through requirements definitions. I advise on best practices from the many years of experience I have had working with other companies.

Furthermore, how information relates to each other within the Salesforce system can be elegantly customized and administrated. I will help educate and deliver efficient solutions considering the trade-offs within your system.

I also help build management reports and dashboards from the customization of fields and records to help you run your business. Having real-time metrics provides foresight for decision making based on information coming from your system.

Consulting Projects and Industries I Have Worked With

I have enjoyed helping teams become more efficient and successful adopting I have worked from the executive, management and user levels in over many years. There are best practices I have gleaned and helped to offer for my consulting clients. This can help your team avoid problems with adoption, change management or scaling. Furthermore, your team can creatively include setup and workflows that are both efficient and get results from such experience and advice.

Here are some of the industries I have had experience with:

Professional Service Firms

I have helped professional services such as engineering, accounting, law firms, and various project management service companies. Often the sales processes for business development as well as the project fulfillment workflow are areas I have helped to create clarity, efficiency and throughput for.

Managing accounts and relationships over time with reminders and follow-ups can be set up to maintain and improve client engagement. These are often processes which can be set up to assist professional service firms in managing long-term associations with clients.

Technology And Software Development Companies

Managing the flow of software requirements, new product development and customer support and feedback in one place leverages for product delivery. case record management, custom objects for project management and feature request information can support the development cycles and keep field information from customers flowing to those that make your product.

Customer use cases of technology and software can be captured for continuous improvement and monitored for market opportunities and increased loyalty.

Non-Profit Organizations

Whether using the Enterprise Edition of or the Non-profit edition offered to those organizations that qualify, one central database can be used for communicating to stakeholders. Donors, benefactors, volunteers and non-profit partners can have their own record types with respective task management and communications related to how their relationship needs to be managed.

Furthermore, third-party tools with the AppExchange for email marketing, e-commerce and donations can be managed as additional functionality in your system.

B2B Sales Teams

Selling to the C-suite, managers and decision makers requires relationship and information management. B2B salespeople can manage complex business relationships in Account records, hierarchies, parent-child data relationships and Opportunities. The latter are often managed with contacts and departments. For sales prospecting, subscription services such as Hoovers or LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be set up for inside sales and field sales representatives to develop new business.

Weekly sales meetings can be managed with pipeline reviews and forecasting coming from Opportunity and contract progress.

Real-time information can be viewed by your entire team, and managers can refocus resources based on changing priorities. With a refined flow of sales information, sales managers can help their teams build relationships with decision makers and influencers.

Startups and Small Business

Business owners and entrepreneurs find immense benefit in starting and growing their business with This can be accomplished with the small business options or Professional Edition and as the business grows and requires more management, the Enterprise Edition can be upgraded and adopted to support new business processes.

Having your business relationships in one place and moving customers from sales to product delivery to billing can be done in one convenient system. Furthermore, you have a solid foundation to continue to support changing business requirements as you grow, learn and adapt to the market.

A Trusted Advisor for Salesforce in Austin, TX

I have many long-time clients who I am lucky to have as friends. Some of those can be found on my testimonials here. I seek to be forthright and listen carefully to what you are seeking to achieve with We can discuss your present situation as well as the possibilities to help you become more efficient and grow.

A simple conversation to explore your options is where things start. If I can help by offering some direction, resources or engaging directly, my goal is to be of service based on what you are seeking. Feel free to reach out to me via the form above or giving me a call at my Google Voice number, (512) 360-8744. Thank you.

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