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For Salesforce Consulting work, we can visit at your offices or downtown near Union Station at WeWork, 1550 Wewatta ST, Denver, CO 80202

Salesforce Consulting in Denver, Colorado is a service I provide for business owners and managers in the Denver metroplex and surrounding cities including Boulder, Colorado Springs, and Fort Collins.

I help growing businesses and organizations that are seeking to set up a new sales process or enterprises seeking a strategic adoption of

Working with requires an understanding and alignment with your business processes, culture and management.  Whether you are wanting to start an implementation of or refine your current implementation, I will help you as an advisor and Salesforce consultant to help you achieve higher levels of success.

Schedule an Initial Consultation

To review your business requirements for how you want to make Salesforce work, feel free to connect with me for a quick call.  During this time, we will map out your requirements in an initial online session.

I will seek to understand and help clarify your business processes to be implemented using and the requirements that are important to move forward. This includes customizing fields and data object records for your team.

If you already have up and running and want to examine how to make it work efficiently for success, I work with clients on strategies for building relationships, adoption and increasing revenue.

It all starts with a conversation to see if I can help. Feel free to let me know a convenient time to review your goals and requirements.

I look forward to connecting soon.


Don Dalrymple

Google Voice Number: (512) 360-8744

Denver Salesforce Consulting

Setting up and making work with your organization is a collaborative effort. I have been helping organizations be successful with Salesforce since 2000. During that time, I have learned much about how to train teams, support administrators and grow revenue using

With online meetings, phone calls and email, we can manage many requirements and tasks in a project together with users, managers and administrators. I can also visit your Denver office for onsite training, meetings and customizing fields and objects.

Projects can range from a week to years based on what kind of expertise, knowledge and assistance Denver customers are seeking.

We can make changes, custom develop solutions and implement new requirements in real-time online or face-to-face.

I live and work with consulting clients around the country, and have for many years, from my home in Breckenridge, Colorado. I frequently travel to Denver to meet with clients and within our retained services, I am happy to make trips to visit with your management, sales, support and marketing teams. Training at Your Denver Office

If you want to help your users become more productive and use efficiently, we can design, schedule and conduct training at your offices. This can include:

  • Basic user functionality
  • Prospecting and managing leads
  • Converting leads to accounts
  • Designing management reports and dashboards to help with sales success
  • Using HTML emails and tracking opens and clicks
  • Following up as a team with tasks
  • Managing sales pipeline with Opportunity records
  • Integrating AppExchange apps for increased functionality and supporting your sales process
  • Custom developing solutions in VisualForce or third-party software

In our initial discussions, we can explore the goals you are seeking to accomplish and design for both group and individual training onsite. I will capture the requirements, offer ideas and suggestions from my years of experience and provide a proposal for work which you can review and approve.

We can schedule times that will work with your users and managers and I can spend full days at your Denver, Colorado offices. This can include half-day or full-day workshops or up to a week onsite to work full, continuous days training your team, working one-on-one to reinforce training as well as  provide insights and answers to your salespeople and service team members.

Customizing for Success

I like to identify a project manager, or Salesforce champion, that can work with me to identify requirements. This can be done onsite at your Denver workplace or in phone calls.

I communicate and summarize meetings by email after conversations so that there is clarity and action lists which we can work together on. Based on those conversations and agreements, we will customize fields and records. As a client, you can review and approve or request changes to the implementation of requirements that we manage together.

I will advise you on the many trade-offs of choosing field types, data relationships, workflow efficiencies and how to manage your team and information to grow sales.

While it is easy to add fields and records, we can discuss how this impacts usability, data input requirements and the goal of selling or servicing your customers. Motivating and managing users to work with their tasks, log a call and send emails in is hard work which requires management, training, motivation and accountability. Many times, we can test how users react to new customizations and input information.

Furthermore, inputting field values can be used for management reports or merging information into other software solutions such as proposals, invoices and document management tools.

The strategy and process become part of the overall framework for customizing how fields and data objects contribute to information capture and usage. This is where candid discussions on what is useful and how your team will realistically use the system, as well as business growth impacts, will determine success.

Industries I Have Consulted

I have enjoyed helping organizations manage and grow their business with Both small business and enterprise clients find immense room to grow with their systems and rarely exhaust the functionality and options available to develop their operations. Denver businesses that need to organize information, manage their processes and help their teams collaborate will find a software platform that can keep expanding with their requirements as their sales and teams grow. Here are industries I have consulted with:

Professional Services Firms

Consultants, law firms, accounting firms, recruiters, financial advisors, investment firms and many other professional service providers have found great value in maintaining client relationships and automating communications and tasks for follow-up. Simple reminders of events like birthdays and anniversaries often create higher levels of client engagement and trust.

Furthermore, capturing and managing client information for forms, filings and customer reviews are helpful for account management and relevant review meetings with key customers.

Technology and Software Development Companies

Keeping software requirements, new product development and customer support and feedback in one place is a powerful way to enhance product releases. case record management, custom objects for project management and feature request information can support the development cycles and keep field information from customers flowing to those that make your product.

As use cases develop in the marketplace, this information can be captured and analyzed in by product management for responding to how you service, sell and deliver your products.

Non-Profit Organizations

Whether you are a foundation or non-profit, you can sign up for’s Nonprofit Edition and customize this based on who your constituents are. Donors, volunteers, beneficiaries and vendors can be managed in separate workflows and records.

Everyone can communicate and follow-up in one system, and information can be shared and affect the different processes your non-profit supports for fundraising and acting on your mission.

B2B Sales Organizations

Whether you sell to the C-suite or managers and decision makers, you can manage complex business relationships in Account records, hierarchies, parent-child data relationships and how Opportunities are managed with contacts and departments. Furthermore, you can integrate B2B prospecting tools for lead generation such as Hoovers or LinkedIn Sales Navigator for your inside sales and field sales representatives.

Managing weekly sales meetings for pipeline and forecasting from opportunity and product information can be managed in This provides both focus and accountability for your B2B sales teams.

Real-time information can be viewed by your entire team, and managers can refocus resources based on changing priorities. can help you grow your sales talent and provide a way to build relationships with decision makers and influencers.

Startups and Small Business

Entrepreneurs and business owners who have to manage business growth need a place to capture their customer information as well as build business processes. I have worked closely with many startups and small business ventures that have changed as they have grown over many years.

The flexibility of customizing for today and later adding new functionality makes business management easier to evolve. I have educated and advised startups and small businesses on how to get things done with their current reality as well as leave options and possibilities open for their changing demands as they add more customers and team members.

A Trusted Advisor for Salesforce in Denver

I have many long-time clients who I am lucky to have as friends. Some of those can be found on my testimonials here. My goal is to be candid, responsive and helpful as a trusted advisor and partner in

It starts with a simple conversation to see if I can help you get to your goals. Feel free to contact me via the form or number above. We can set up a call, or I can visit with you in Denver. Thank you.

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