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For Salesforce Consulting work, we can visit at your offices or downtown at WeWork, One Nashville Place, 150 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219

Salesforce Consulting in Nashville, TN is a service I provide for business clients in the Nashville area. I work with teams and managers as a Salesforce consultant, whether with small businesses seeking to set up a new sales process or enterprises seeking a strategic adoption of

Working with requires an intimacy with your business processes, culture and management.  Whether you are wanting to start an implementation of or refine your current setup, I will help you as a advisor and consultant to help you achieve higher levels of success.

To review your requirements and scope project work for your system, feel free to schedule an appointment by filling out the form below:

During this time, we will map out your requirements in an initial online meeting.

I will seek to understand and help clarify your business processes to be implemented using and the requirements that are important to move forward.

If you already have up and running and want to examine how to make it work better, I work with clients on strategies for user adoption, sales management and increasing revenue.

Salesforce Consulting in Nashville, Tennessee

I have worked with both local and national businesses to help drive Salesforce success. We can work at your offices or set up meetings at my WeWork offices at One Nashville Place, 150 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219.

Working meetings allow us to create clarity and requirements for what will work in terms of customizing your system, custom development on your platform or integrating a solution from the AppExchange from thousands of third-party software solutions.

In our first meetings, I will listen carefully to how your business works, how you would like your business to flow and advise on options and strategies to help you achieve your organizational and revenue goals.

Based on our conversations, I will provide a custom proposal designed around your requirements with budgets, timeframes and an overall plan for making Salesforce work to enable or support your business processes.

Salesforce Change Management

If you are seeking to grow your business or enhance how your business runs, it usually requires change management with your team. While we can design, automate and customize your Salesforce system to help with productivity and management, the challenge of aligning your team members requires leadership, training and accountability.

We can work through how your culture exists and what it means for adopting based on how users should enter and manage data. We can have discussions on how reports, dashboards and notifications can support your accountability with new and existing users. Furthermore, we can outline how training in group or individual approaches can be used to help your team to gain new habits and benefits from using in sales, customer service and operations.

Change management requires executive sponsorship to be successful. Thus, we will partner to ensure your users know what the expectations are for working and using the way we implement object records, workflows and reporting with regular meetings and communications. Such expectations and instruction will be taught through training and recorded in documentation so that information can be revisited for reference on how users can execute the daily and weekly tasks for their role. Administration and Customization

Many of my clients have required help to administrate and customize the system for their business and sales processes. I can help to set up, update or administrate your system in an ongoing support role.

Working in the cloud and monitoring key activities and metrics from your system can open up thinking about new requirements which can be implemented. I can advise you on any trade-offs and how to structure the data in for user adoption and supporting your information workflow.

For example, your team may discover that they are re-entering data for proposals and contracts introducing errors and delays between selling and presenting a proposal. This can be a scenario where we discuss what information is important, where it needs to be captured in records and what an output document or how communications for the customer needs to be delivered with speed and consistency.

In such a case, we may create a custom object or use the Opportunity records to populate merge fields in a document. From there, we can introduce an outputted DocuSign, Adobe EchoSign or other digital signature technology for easy tracking, review and deal closing.

The permissions, approvals and customer experience can be explored and designed from our consulting work together. We can monitor the key performance indicators such as proposal conversions and volume of proposals per month. This example can help drive efficiencies and management insights for helping your team from customization and automation.

Of course, there are many other types of workflow and information management that can be set up besides this example. We can work on these as ongoing or separate initiatives based on your management goals and company culture.

Sales Forecasting, Pipeline and Lead Management

Having a consistent and flowing pipeline of sales opportunities is a challenge for many organizations. Whether you are seeking to start and build a sales process or improve your current selling approach, I can provide sales management help to your VP of Sales or Sales Manager.

Creating dashboards and reports that provide insights into how your salespeople are creating and developing opportunities can be done through mapping your processes and understanding how you want to see information to make decisions for forecasting, hiring and resourcing for new opportunities.

Furthermore, we can work with your inside sales team to nurture and convert leads based on activities and follow-up best practices and customizations in lead records. Helping your team to qualify prospects and collaborate with account managers or field sales people can be part of training, documentation and ongoing sales management that is quantifiable.

We can work together to design management tools, checklists and automation for keeping important metrics on productivity and results accessible and transparent. Furthermore, your system can support your incentives and desired usability with regular monitoring of your team’s activities and updating of Lead, Account and Opportunity records.

AppExchange Integrations and Data Management

The AppExchange provides thousands of applications that can integrate with your system and extend your functionality or provide efficiencies and workflows for your existing or growing business processes. I can help with identifying best-in-class technology and how it will fit to support your business goals.

If a custom development solution is required, we can work on projects with developers on the Apex development platform to create your own custom software applications within The project management, requirements definition and execution for such software projects are intensive and I can help resource, manage and drive the clarity and delivery on software delivery based on your budget and timeframe.

With the ability to extend or deeply code proprietary software, we can work to ensure your business goals are enabled with the right strategy, technology selection and data management. My goal is to help advise and provide an efficient solution path that can be flexible as you grow.

Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

Creating and managing leads into your system from inbound or outbound marketing approaches can be designed and enabled with tools, processes and selling best practices. We can work from lead sources integrated into your records such as Hoovers, LinkedIn or other list providers. Your inside sales team can work from standard operating procedures to engage and move sales leads through outbound sales management.

Furthermore, we can create demand with inbound marketing and social media to capture leads who have expressed interest in your value offering. Your lead management with follow-up activities can be designed for driving your sales funnel approach to opportunity creation. We can benchmark best practices and systems that can provide an effective marketing automation funnel for your salespeople to engage.

With lead generation built into your system for your salespeople to present and persuade towards your value proposition, conversion metrics can be created to see what channels are effective. Campaigns and nurturing can augment your sales follow-up within to position your brand and offering over time in a powerful communication and task approach with history and lead scoring informing your sales team when and how to engage ready prospects.

Let’s Work Together

I have spent over two decades helping organizations be successful with consulting. My style is to listen carefully and create clarity around your business goals and how Salesforce can be used to enable your approach.

I would enjoy the opportunity to start the conversation to help you grow your business. Let’s start the dialogue. Feel free to fill out the form above. Thank you.

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