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Salesforce Consultant San Diego California
For Salesforce Consulting work, we can visit at your offices or downtown at WeWork, 600 B Street, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92101

Salesforce Consulting in San Diego, CA is a service I provide for business clients in the San Diego area. I work with teams and managers as a Salesforce Consultant to setup, customize, manage and adopt for their business and organization processes.

Working with requires collaboration to design the system for your business environment, culture and workflows. I spend time getting to know you, your business and your goals to advise and create a workable implementation to use effectively for your team.

To review your requirements and explore how we can help you be successful with, feel free to schedule an appointment by filling out the form below:

During this time, I will listen carefully and document the requirements we discuss to provide a scope of work on your system.

We can dialogue around how you are seeking to help your team and what would be required based on your business goals. I will summarize our conversation and provide a project estimate for review that captures what needs to be delivered for Salesforce consulting work.

Salesforce Consulting in San Diego, CA

I work with businesses all over the country and provide services locally as well in San Diego, CA. If in-person working meetings are required, we can meet at your offices or at my WeWork offices at 600 B Street, Suite 300, San Diego, CA 92101 in downtown San Diego.

Working meetings allow us to have dialogue and structure how the system will work to support your business processes. I take notes in all of our conversations and create clarity by summarizing decisions and actions with follow-up emails to ensure we are aligned and that tasks and deliverables are captured.

I work methodically to deliver each agreed upon deliverable and communicate with summaries by email.

If clarifications or strategies are required, we can work collaboratively with your market and business insights and my understanding and 18 years of experience in across industries.

Customizing for Your Business

Capturing the right information within records, known as data objects, so that your users can take the right action at the right time and managers can make effective decisions requires careful design.

Often, the choice of adding fields, objects and relationships can be overwhelming. There is also the case of creating too many options for users or too much information that your team will not adopt using

We can customize with streamlined approaches and ensuring custom fields, layouts and workflows will be usable and efficient in the day-to-day execution of your business processes.

We can ensure that your data relationships make sense for information being accessed between records within the context of using based on user profiles.

Salesforce Administration and Support

If you have ongoing requirements for supporting your team in and administration of the database ongoing, we can explore what your system looks like currently and how you want to continue to enhance customization, reporting and management with your team.

We can set up a support and enhancement process and build out of a knowledge base to document how your users apply best practices. Furthermore, as each new requirement is customized, we can provide a way for one-on-one or group training to educate and increase success

Any troubleshooting of issues or answering questions as they come up in your daily business can be managed with an agreed upon approach for helping users be more successful.

Change Management and Adoption with

While the data, customization and ability to create information structure are powerful attributes of using, being successful depends on people adopting and working with information efficiently. I have helped with change management initiatives to support champions that help employees with buy-in, training and executing their work in Salesforce. If your San Diego team as well as remote or national team members need the support to understand their role and how to use to sell, support or service customers, we can design and work together to help your team adopt the system.

Furthermore, we can facilitate feedback to enhance your system with new features based on employees using the tool. Change management is often challenging as it goes beyond mere technology. It requires leadership, people skills, business acumen and technical acumen. I can help you navigate the nuanced journey to help your team use successfully and help managers work with reports, dashboards and activities on accounts, opportunities and leads.

Management Dashboards and Reports

Setting up dashboards and reports around your key performance indicators (KPI’s) facilitates management on activities and desired results. Whether you want to keep real-time information on opportunities and pipeline or daily sales activities, we can develop the strategy on what is important to measure and design dashboards and reports that managers can watch on a daily or weekly basis.

Your ability to see the progress of your team on what is important to your organization can provide insight to take action on training, support, initiatives and investments. The ability to manage by facts becomes readily actionable by customizing reports that reveal your success metrics.

We can work on what reports, lists and information will help your salespeople track their own success as well. Designing reports that support their activities and helps them understand their scorecards can be powerful for performance and desired outcomes. We can talk through what success looks like per employee and customize reports that will help each role know how they are doing against established goals.

Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

Managing leads within with inside sales, marketing or prospecting teams can be set up with clear process and strategy. We can work to design how leads are generated based on your industry. This can include integrations with list management platforms, inbound marketing or outbound lists for prospecting.

Powerful tools like Pardot, Marketo and Hubspot can be integrated with and customer journeys based on rules, scoring and conversion steps can be designed and programmed based on lead activities and triggers. Based on how you manage your pipeline of leads, we can set up the logic within or third-party AppExchange tools.

Your rules for lead assignment, management and conversion can be outlined in our conversations and then implemented and monitored to see how the flow of leads within your lead generation works over time.

Custom Development and AppExchange Integrations

The ability to extend functionality on the platform is vast. I help organizations identify technology solutions based on their business goals. With thousands of apps on the AppExchange, we can talk through the trade-offs, evaluate vendor solutions and implement workflows based on how you want information to move.

If you require custom development, I can help with technical requirements and project management as well as identify and work with software developers to ensure requirements are translated, understood and delivered. The technical specifications that often come with custom software development requires collaboration, clarity and technical know-how which we can work together on and test within a business context.

Management Consulting and Business Growth

I have advised business owners and executives for many years. If you are seeking to drive business growth or manage your growing enterprise, I help to develop strategy and systems within to increase revenues, drive efficiencies and facilitate information sharing.

We can think through and design to operate your business and provide customer support as well as tie into your financial systems. I can provide management advice and insights on the approaches to use for scaling your business and creating capacity for meeting your market demands.

Supporting your managers with information to make decisions and getting the right things done using Salesforce can be a powerful way to enable business growth with a high fidelity of business feedback that can be acted upon.

Customer Support and Service

Within, your support processes using case records can be worked by your internal team to help your customers. The business rules for managing incoming requests, support tickets and troubleshooting can be set up and worked by your customer support team.

Furthermore, we can create reports that monitor the flow and responsiveness of your customer support team as well as customer satisfaction from interacting with your brand and team. This can increase your loyalty and referrals as you provide a robust service process.

Working Together

I would enjoy the opportunity to learn about you and your business goals and share how you can make work in your business. I have enjoyed many long-term relationships with clients that value and understand the power of to run their businesses and drive team productivity.

Fill out the form above and we can start the conversation and explore how you can increase your success.

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