Strategic Sales System

If you are starting a business or have a smaller salesteam, and many other approaches may be overkill for helping you make sales. These larger system approaches are important for organizations that require commitments and collaboration for team selling.

For the individual salesperson who wants to move fast and use their time effectively, there is a more agile and efficient approach using a lean sales system. I have worked with small teams, entrepreneurs and consultants who want to keep their operations focused heavily on driving leads and sales, while maintaining low overhead.

I have created a small strategic sales system that will help you towards this end. It includes the following:

  • CRM System: A simple and easy CRM system that will help you manage your relationships and your sales pipeline.
  • Google Apps: Managing your communications via email, calendaring, group chat, document management and knowledge base within Google Apps via a strategic process will help you move faster.
  • Contact Management Integrations: Having your contacts synced between your mobile devices, Google Apps and CRM system for driving your sales leads will allow you to stay on top of vital relationships and avoiding time costs with double data entry.
  • Marketing System: To maintain touch points and interest, a marketing system that is integrated with your other sales systems will help you grow trust and build a relationship with prospective customers.
  • Weekly Sales Coaching: Helping you to become a better salesperson in your approach and management of your sales process will provide dividends in your performance over time. A weekly sales meeting to review metrics, activities and results along with refining your sales strategies and tactics will be conducted.

If you would like to get results and make more sales for yourself or a small team of salespeople, contact me, and we can discuss what the plans look like for this sales consulting and systems.

Click here to connect with me on how to grow your revenue with systems and strategies that work. Thanks.

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