Strategy 2016

denver strategy sessions

Get Real with Your Goals

Another year has passed, and a new year has come forth. As we start the new year, you can make good intentions something more than hopeful wishes by focusing on your goals with time and space to think and strategize.

You can achieve the revenue, growth and success you are seeking with a time of focus on yourself and your business.

The key is to work intensely and with full attention on your goals for the coming year and build out a strategy that gets you there.

If you are frustrated by a lack of achievement or if you want to have extreme clarity, then join me for a strategy session in Denver, CO. It will be a restful retreat with a way forward in 2016.

I look forward to coaching and advising you through a time where you will have the plan to work towards your business objectives. Consider taking that step forward and investing in yourself and your business.

What You Will Gain

This executive retreat is focused on you and your business growth. Here is what you can expect:

  • 2 full days working on strategy for your business with Don
  • Identifying the essential goals that matter
  • Defining the strategies to achieve your goals
  • Developing a timeline and plan to execute against within the coming year
  • Review of risks and resources to achieve the strategy
  • An ROI for this time that will be realized in your revenue achievement

We will work in several sessions using tools and resources to collaborate.

There are two options for our time together:

  1. Keystone Resort for skiing and snowboarding time mixed with our strategy sessions.*
  2. Downtown Denver at a 4 star hotel.

I will take care of lodging and meals for both options, and we will coordinate the timeframe with a mutually agreed upon date that works for your schedule.

*For skiing and snowboarding, I will take care of 2 days of lift tickets and 2 extra nights lodging. You would be responsible for your equipment. This option would be a total of 4 days with 2 days for full-time strategy along with 2 days of time on the mountain together.

You just have to fly out and meet me at the time and place we work out together based on your schedule.

Fill out the form below to get this on our calendars and make 2016 a highly profitable year for you and your business.