Systems and Sites

buying process integrated
We have integrated technologies for you to make the buying experience cohesive

We have set up your systems the way we like to do business. Simple, powerful and professional.

Any sites that we build are built on world-class platforms and technologies that allow for agility as the world arounds us change.

If you have a site with us, then these are the kinds of systems that we have thoughtfully implemented via our custom development work.

Custom forms. Your forms are custom developed inside your site with integrated design via your CSS layer to ensure continuity visually. There are email notification triggers programmed in to send you form information.

Custom form integrations. Based on other systems we have worked on together, your forms feed the other databases with inputs from your visitors and customers. This runs according to custom scripts developed for your lead flow or information gathering steps.

Content management system. There is a database layer which organizes your published content and allows it to be indexed for search engines via a programmed site map and site tags.

Search engine optimization. We have integrated scoring and tagging within the site for helping you get found online.

Social media sharing. We have implemented and integrated functionality to make it easy for visitors and readers to share your site and content. This allows for others on people’s social networks to view a backlink to your content and site.

Integrated feed publishing. We have programmed an integrated newsletter format which transforms your articles into a published newsletter to your database of subscribers. This script runs to send out a scheduled content piece formatted and presented according to your brand.

Analysis tools. There is an integrated set of analytics which you can monitor for page views and keyword search effectiveness. This provides feedback for continually optimizing the content of your site and flow of the visitor experience to calls to action.

SSL certification. If we have integrated pages requiring secure socket layer technology then this is an annual license which allows for secure transactions. This includes pages such as online payments.

Online payment process. This would be a programmed form which is able to process credit card information and send it to a back end gateway for secure processing.

Third-party integrations. If we have been working on other systems such as CRM or billing technologies, then continuous scripts are running in the background to sync information between your site or other systems and the respective database.

Uptime monitoring. We have systems in place to monitor the uptime and speed of your site. If any issues come up, then we go in to investigate and remedy the situation. This system keeps things running and is set up to ensure your business does not miss a beat.

Content Delivery Network (CDN). Your media files including video, images, etc. are hosted to be delivered quickly to your site visitors. The management and integration of your content ensures a responsive customer experience.

Site spam tracking. We block spam comments on your site and quarantine any incoming spam messages to avoid running into issues with your SEO as well as keep your content clean.

The systems are running in the background and maintained via your ongoing subscription with us. They remain intact throughout your continuous relationship with us.

There may be times to upgrade or revisit your systems as technologies get outdated quickly today. You can always contact us if you would like to explore further options. Thanks.

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