Contact Sharing With Google Apps

Google Apps in a business transforms how your team collaborates and shares information. A valuable piece to your business is how you share and organize your contacts. These bits of information are valuable pieces of data that can be captured and integrated into your Google Apps account to increase productivity and sharing capabilities of yourContinue reading “Contact Sharing With Google Apps”

Salesforce Enterprise Edition: When To Upgrade

Generally speaking, we advise our consulting clients to start with Professional Edition.  This edition is at $65 per user per month.  You can always upgrade later if you require more features.  However, you cannot downgrade. Most organizations do not require an upgrade to Enterprise Edition.  Those that do tend to are larger, more-complex businesses,Continue reading “Salesforce Enterprise Edition: When To Upgrade”

The Integration Hub

When you set up your business process, you encase it with an enabling system. This system allows your team to execute in a streamlined fashion. However, it is difficult to predict the changing requirements you will have down the road. In the future, you have the luxury of seeing more clearly. Today, you are seekingContinue reading “The Integration Hub”

Intangibles – Why They Matter

With the abundance of choices available in any product and service category, customer loyalty is fragile.  Often the customer makes decisions based on their emotional experience and connection with a business and service.  Functionality or features alone are not enough to penetrate the customer’s mindset of expected quality thresholds. The Customer’s Expectation Today’s economy isContinue reading “Intangibles – Why They Matter”

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