Why Marketing Automation Makes Selling Easier

Marketing automation sets up the salesperson.  It assumes something that traditional sales does not: buyers prefer self-service until they are ready to buy. If you court your buyer too early, you can violate trust.  It is intrusive and unsynced with how they would prefer to move through the process of buying. At some point, aContinue reading “Why Marketing Automation Makes Selling Easier”

Converting Inbound Leads

The inbound marketing process has failure points.  If your business is set up where marketing generates leads and your sales team aggressively calls, then trust can be compromised with otherwise potential sales opportunities. Inbound marketing has the following conversion points: Visitors: These are a high quantity of people that find you from search or marketingContinue reading “Converting Inbound Leads”

Measuring Interest And Intent

When people find you, they have some kind of interest and intent.  They found you because: They were searching for something They saw an interesting link via social media from a friend or contact They were referred by a message You were selling brilliantly Really, when someone finds you, they are looking for something.  YouContinue reading “Measuring Interest And Intent”

Remarkable Content

Content is king.  Remarkable content is an ace in the deck.  Marketing traditionally sought to interrupt you and create a visual experience that would catch your attention and cause you to react.  We have been trained to ignore unsolicited messages and block out the noise. The continual hard work of creating relevant and remarkable contentContinue reading “Remarkable Content”

Redefining The Sales Pipeline

The sales pipeline goes beyond what the salesperson does.  Traditional sales relies heavily on phone or face time with a prospect.  The sales pipeline is then based on opportunities filled with sales activities by a salesperson who has to interrupt enough people and stoke their interest for a future close date.  The sales manager thenContinue reading “Redefining The Sales Pipeline”

What Matters? Marketing or Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation has been growing because marketing in the new economy has changed from a selling process to a buying process.  Marketing Automation Software Guide sent me an article on a new acronym, RPM, or Revenue Performance Management.  There has been millions of dollars already invested in the shorthand for marketing automation.  It’s expensive toContinue reading “What Matters? Marketing or Marketing Automation?”

Overselling – The Keyboard Vs. The Mouth

Overselling today is a symptom of holding on to what does not work anymore.  Traditional marketing and sales creatively interrupted people.  The message was about talking about how great you and your products or services are.  This is what advertising, direct mail, and sales teams were used for.  Today, it misses the buyer.  They don’tContinue reading “Overselling – The Keyboard Vs. The Mouth”

Why Buyers Avoid Your Sales Process

Your sales process is about you, not about your buyer.  How soon did you want to talk to a salesperson on your last major purchase?  It was likely much later, not sooner.  The reason is that we all know once we engage a salesperson, we are going to be harassed.  This is by design.  TheContinue reading “Why Buyers Avoid Your Sales Process”