3 Inbound Marketing Customer Experience Strategies

We often think that the customer experience commences when we are servicing a person. How they are handled at the cash register, try our products out or serviced for needs tends to draw our focus to provide caring service. Much of the last decade emphasized this kind of personal attention. With the accessibility of informationContinue reading “3 Inbound Marketing Customer Experience Strategies”

Marketing Automation: The Awareness Stage

When you are just beginning your search for a car, software or consultant, you start with research.  Getting online is the most convenient way to research today.  You may look for what is a trend, what others think and how the industry works overall.  It is the awareness stage and it is largely self-service.  YouContinue reading “Marketing Automation: The Awareness Stage”

Marketing Automation Sales Stages And Lead Qualification

If you believe marketing automation is the silver bullet that will suddenly close all those anonymous leads faster on your site, then you miss the mark and the concept.  Unfortunately, sales organizations tend to seek closing the lead rather than nurturing prospects and building trust through education, positioning and delivering value first. Marketing Automation SoftwareContinue reading “Marketing Automation Sales Stages And Lead Qualification”

Marketing To Attention

Marketers miss the proverbial eight ball when it comes to attention.  Many marketers still believe we watch TV commercials fully when the majority of people skip the ads.  Here are the behaviors most of us do today in a world of too much marketing stimulus: We change channels for radio ads. We tear up andContinue reading “Marketing To Attention”

Why Marketing Automation Makes Selling Easier

Marketing automation sets up the salesperson.  It assumes something that traditional sales does not: buyers prefer self-service until they are ready to buy. If you court your buyer too early, you can violate trust.  It is intrusive and unsynced with how they would prefer to move through the process of buying. At some point, aContinue reading “Why Marketing Automation Makes Selling Easier”

Converting Inbound Leads

The inbound marketing process has failure points.  If your business is set up where marketing generates leads and your sales team aggressively calls, then trust can be compromised with otherwise potential sales opportunities. Inbound marketing has the following conversion points: Visitors: These are a high quantity of people that find you from search or marketingContinue reading “Converting Inbound Leads”

Buyers Start By Research

When we want something, we start by research.  Sellers are so eager to sell that they have their sales process set up around a buy now approach.  Unless the pain is high, your ability to sell with this approach will be ineffective.  You might have better luck if you had full attention and were exclusive.Continue reading “Buyers Start By Research”

Selling Harder Is Old School

Nobody likes to be sold.  We do not like it when we feel the pressure build and a feeling of manipulation from another. Yet, millions of transactions are done despite this dislike.  It largely happens because people are buying.  Every day people buy because they want things when they need them or feel compelled byContinue reading “Selling Harder Is Old School”

4 Content Marketing Strategy Practices

Content marketing is critical for winning new business today.  Awareness of your products or services and the required education therein are dependent on buyers finding relevant information.  Your content should prepare a buyer for engaging your sales process.  Naturally, they will want to delay this until they feel ready.  The internet allows buyers an abundantContinue reading “4 Content Marketing Strategy Practices”

Why Buyers Avoid Your Sales Process

Your sales process is about you, not about your buyer.  How soon did you want to talk to a salesperson on your last major purchase?  It was likely much later, not sooner.  The reason is that we all know once we engage a salesperson, we are going to be harassed.  This is by design.  TheContinue reading “Why Buyers Avoid Your Sales Process”

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