Narrow Your Niche to Grow Your Market

The last thing we should be in the world is common. That puts us in the mix to be compared with everyone around us, and that merely creates commoditization. It may be what a buyer wants. It allows them to compare and create the argument around price rather than value. But it is not theContinue reading “Narrow Your Niche to Grow Your Market”

3 Ways To Raise Your Value

Just showing up and getting picked is a desperate strategy these days. We used to be able to play the game of being a good boy or girl and do as we were told. Be compliant and your boss, your customers or your friends rewarded you with more or less scripted behaviors. They hired you,Continue reading “3 Ways To Raise Your Value”

Betting On Facebook Is A Poor Strategy

I caught the article on Zynga’s IPO (Facebook: Zynga’s Number 1 Frenemy) and it further exposes the reality distortion between a platform provider and a value producer. There is a temporary symbiosis between the gaming provider Zynga which leverages Facebook’s platform. Zynga’s valuation and revenue is derived from access to a marketplace Facebook created. Facebook’sContinue reading “Betting On Facebook Is A Poor Strategy”

Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication

“Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.” – Charles Mingus. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci Our battles today are much less about finding what is best.  It is largely battling all the good options that get in the way of the great.  Much ofContinue reading “Simplicity Is The Ultimate Sophistication”

Continuous Change And Reinvention

It is easy to get confused and delirious with all the marketing fads.  Marketing and sales executives are looking for ways to drive demand and revenue.  The frequency and speed of change can siphon us into the barrage of tools in marketing automation, social media, CRM and web technologies.  It is fast, furious and relentlessContinue reading “Continuous Change And Reinvention”

Inbound Marketing Consulting Project With Pets For Patriots

We finished off an inbound marketing system project with Pets For Patriots and they announced it on the wire today. Their system has an array of automation tools that help to nurture and transact with site visitors. They have a neat cause for our nation’s patriots and endangered pets.  Be sure to take a visitContinue reading “Inbound Marketing Consulting Project With Pets For Patriots”

Results And Caring

Doing excellent technical work is expected.  This is a minimum requirement to work on projects and get business with clients.  We are no longer limited by our choices to a local market of available talent.  We can work with anyone anywhere on the issues we face in our business.  We can measure results and decideContinue reading “Results And Caring”

Being Direct As A Strategy

Candor is a key leadership attribute.  This is especially true today when we are bombarded by convoluted and ambiguous messages from people and companies.  Those that can speak clearly and plainly can create a great differentiation in the marketplace where clarity is highly sought after. Being direct means you tell the truth and are focusedContinue reading “Being Direct As A Strategy”

Marketing Strategy: Endear Me

We want to be endeared.  It’s a rarity today.  In a given day, it is not uncommon to experience impersonal and bad service.  I was recently at a store where I had a conversation with the clerk that went like this: Me: “How is your day going?” Clerk: “Not so great.  I’m finally getting aContinue reading “Marketing Strategy: Endear Me”

Marketing To Attention

Marketers miss the proverbial eight ball when it comes to attention.  Many marketers still believe we watch TV commercials fully when the majority of people skip the ads.  Here are the behaviors most of us do today in a world of too much marketing stimulus: We change channels for radio ads. We tear up andContinue reading “Marketing To Attention”

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