Why You Need a Knowledge Base

When you are small, you can run and grow your business in your head. In the early days, it’s hard to think that you play many different roles because you do different jobs yourself. You can be the salesperson, accountant, marketer, product development manager, HR administrator and many other roles without calling these out asContinue reading “Why You Need a Knowledge Base”

I Like the Boring Business

When it comes to business building, I like boring. I like creating outputs from inputs. I like throughput. Drama, inconsistencies, high stress and heroics are fantastic for movie plots. But they don’t contribute positively to profit and loss in a business. Boring helps cash flow. Cash flow makes customers, vendors, employees, and owners happy. IContinue reading “I Like the Boring Business”

Overcoming The Valley of Death in Growing Businesses

The idea of growing a business is romantic. That spirit of entrepreneurship, leadership and scaling have a wonderful image of adventure and nobility. In the trenches, when a firm decides they want to grow, it is messy. It is hard work day in and day out to get the strategy clear and the people andContinue reading “Overcoming The Valley of Death in Growing Businesses”

The Goal of Your System

If you are sitting comfortably, there’s not much incentive to improve your systems. However, disruptors such as technology, competition and atrophy (i.e., Groupon), may force your hand to get your systems more efficient. I’ve been sharing out various books around the area of business growth and efficiency lately. A classic I would recommend if youContinue reading “The Goal of Your System”

Building the Boring Business

I enjoy drama, action and suspense when I watch a movie to relax and let my mind and emotions wander. However, I don’t find heroics and craziness entertaining or useful in business. In fact, my goal with entrepreneurs and business owners is to build a boring business based on systems, processes and execution that produces consistentContinue reading “Building the Boring Business”

Unburden Yourself

I cannot overstate the value and pleasure of an unburdened life and clear mind. It’s too easy to overcomplicate our lives with so many things that simply do not matter. I have observed the reality that Robert Ringer puts forth about human nature: Human beings, by nature, tend to seek ways to complicate their lives. GivenContinue reading “Unburden Yourself”

Forget Setting More Goals

Losers have goals. Winners have systems. ~ Tim Ferriss We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. ~ Aristotle The last thing you need is more goals. A lot of talk about going after the next thing for yourself will assuredly come out in this season of goal settingContinue reading “Forget Setting More Goals”

Strategic with Your Down Time

The business cycle with holidays, end of year and bookkeeping is an opportunity for you if you can relax and take advantage of the natural down time. Trying to force fit activities that are likely a better fit in the up times will only lead to frustration, and perhaps disfavor, with clients. Why not beContinue reading “Strategic with Your Down Time”

Is Automation Sinking You?

There’s an article on LinkedIn Pulse, Recruitment industry will die in 2018 which has been quite the conversation piece and stirred the passions. It’s foreboding news for recruiters that have a vested interest in perpetuating their jobs. The author compares what is happening in talent recruitment to the role of travel agents before the internet. Automation hasContinue reading “Is Automation Sinking You?”

Marketing Goals

If you aim for nothing, you will hit it every time. There can always be improvement and better results in your business, especially with the frequency and speed of change impacting every industry today. The way buyers are making choices, engaging content and making purchases has a lot of moving parts to it. Setting yourContinue reading “Marketing Goals”

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