Lead Scoring For Sales Prioritization

In our marketing consulting, we are typically faced with one of two problems: There are not enough inbound leads There are too many inbound leads Each of these requires a different marketing system.  For organizations which are inundated with many leads, there is a problem focused around the sales process.  Salespeople are not like marketingContinue reading “Lead Scoring For Sales Prioritization”

Teaching Articles To Help Prospects Overcome Obstacles

Content marketing has a main goal of helping your prospects.  Thus, teaching articles which help your buyers to frame their problems and figure out how to overcome their issues need to be part of your engagement and approach.. When a person lands on an article or is following you via social media or RSS, theyContinue reading “Teaching Articles To Help Prospects Overcome Obstacles”

Running An Inbound Marketing System

A recent article from Marketing Automation Software Guide hit on the main reason why many of our clients hire us for marketing:  running a complete system is difficult and requires perseverance.  Pieces have to be put together, tested, changed, refined and created again.  Getting into the mind of a specific buyer with their preferences and peculiarities needsContinue reading “Running An Inbound Marketing System”

Marketing Automation: The Awareness Stage

When you are just beginning your search for a car, software or consultant, you start with research.  Getting online is the most convenient way to research today.  You may look for what is a trend, what others think and how the industry works overall.  It is the awareness stage and it is largely self-service.  YouContinue reading “Marketing Automation: The Awareness Stage”

Marketing Automation Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Marketing has many new rules, and marketing automation is one of several major movements which has gained fanfare mixed with frustration.  The popularity has come from the possibilities of capitalizing on leads generated from inbound marketing efforts.  The frustration is from a lack of implementation and execution. At the end of the day, marketing automationContinue reading “Marketing Automation Is Not For The Faint Of Heart”

4 Sales Process Enhancements

Today’s sales process is different.  Buyers are not relying on salespeople to become educated and move through a traditional pipeline process.  The self-service nature of buying based on the internet affords buyers information to help them understand what they want and how to conveniently get it.  They search, click, read, share and download.  These areContinue reading “4 Sales Process Enhancements”

Sales Process Steps For Qualified Leads

Today’s sales process is different than in times past.  Your sales prospects are better educated and in more control.  They do not feel the reliance on a salesperson to educate them.  When they engage a salesperson, they are giving attention that they are greedily protecting. Everyone is inundated with irrelevant and intrusive marketing messages.  WhenContinue reading “Sales Process Steps For Qualified Leads”

3 Selling Proposition Strategies

Selling Proposition Strategies When a customer finds you, it is because they were focused on your value proposition.  They searched for you via the internet or their network most likely.  If  you are set up correctly, you were found and deemed credible compared to the convenient mouse click to your competition. After the click, yourContinue reading “3 Selling Proposition Strategies”

Aligning Marketing Automation With Sales Process

Marketing automation is relevant today because buyers deliberate and educate themselves before they engage.  What used to be the role of a salesperson in the sales process has shifted to buyers and their ability to self-service for information.  However, marketing automation does not alleviate the need for sales.  The handoff between the buying process andContinue reading “Aligning Marketing Automation With Sales Process”

Marketing Automation Sales Stages And Lead Qualification

If you believe marketing automation is the silver bullet that will suddenly close all those anonymous leads faster on your site, then you miss the mark and the concept.  Unfortunately, sales organizations tend to seek closing the lead rather than nurturing prospects and building trust through education, positioning and delivering value first. Marketing Automation SoftwareContinue reading “Marketing Automation Sales Stages And Lead Qualification”