The Problem with Infrequency

How do you know the price of something? Ultimately, it’s an agreement between the seller and buyer. You don’t have to pay the price. You could go elsewhere and get what you want cheaper. Or you could forego what you want if it’s not a need. Buyers are at a disadvantage on infrequent items. IfContinue reading “The Problem with Infrequency”

There Is No Magic Pill

If there were a magic pill for getting more business, someone would have found it, shared it and everyone would be taking it. The truth is that there is no magic pill. Getting new customers is hard work and a continual moving target. You might be tempted to enlist the gimmicks of SEO companies orContinue reading “There Is No Magic Pill”

Why Websites Fail To Convert Leads

Let’s start with this premise – people don’t want to be converted. It’s not why they visit your site. It is what you may have in mind, but noone wants to be sold or converted. This is the conundrum. Most websites, while they may be well-designed, are focused on the Buy Now customer. It is theContinue reading “Why Websites Fail To Convert Leads”

Connecting With Your Inbound Audience

If you sweat and hustle, build a sales organization, interrupt people with traditional media, then you may get a few eyeballs to look your way and pay attention. You may make more enemies than friends in the process, as well. Interrupting people has the tendency of ruining a second chance. Your brand is on theContinue reading “Connecting With Your Inbound Audience”

3 Inbound Marketing Customer Experience Strategies

We often think that the customer experience commences when we are servicing a person. How they are handled at the cash register, try our products out or serviced for needs tends to draw our focus to provide caring service. Much of the last decade emphasized this kind of personal attention. With the accessibility of informationContinue reading “3 Inbound Marketing Customer Experience Strategies”

Before The Sales Process Begins

The sales process is visual and attractive to manage. It feels like a higher level of control. It is showtime. We are with the prospective customer and get to display our salesmanship. A process helps make this more predictable and fruitful. Otherwise it is random and opportunities are lost. However, if there is overemphasis onContinue reading “Before The Sales Process Begins”

The Reality Of Inbound Marketing In 2012

It is a new year and old school sales may have a few holdouts in some slower industries. However, the concept of interrupting people and pushing unsolicited sales messages is fast fading. Look at the bookstores and note the literature. You will not find hit books on how to cold-call better or mass mail withContinue reading “The Reality Of Inbound Marketing In 2012”

Competing On Credibility And Substance

I found Seth Godin’s article on bonus content and multimedia spot on (as usual). The experimentation with using multimedia inside a book has large possibilities. We are enamored with our mobile devices and tablets and their special effects. Seeing bigger budget special effects in movies continues to awe us. However, tampering with the medium ofContinue reading “Competing On Credibility And Substance”

The Buying Season

It’s December and buying is a top priority on people’s minds. The emotion of buying far supercedes any forces from selling we might presuppose as marketers and salespeople. The natural cycle of our culture overtakes people’s behaviors during this time of year. If you are positioned well and can help people buy as they areContinue reading “The Buying Season”

Beware Of The Marketer

Everyone is a marketer today. As the ability to distribute your message has become much easier than in times past, there has been much more noise. Anyone can post, tweet or blog. Thus, everyone is marketing something, whether it is their goods or themselves. While it may feel good to market because of the powerContinue reading “Beware Of The Marketer”

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