Minimize Switching Costs Between Systems

The presentation from Google’s team on interface, flow and usability in their G Suite products has a helpful comment, “A company is the sum of its processes.” The 12 minute mark of the presentation is helpful to understand the cost of context switching. This happens each time we have to move from one software, appContinue reading “Minimize Switching Costs Between Systems”

Clarity Comes from Engagement

Spending time designing a system, message or business requires getting clear about how something should work, flow or connect. I have not found that this can be done in isolation. I need to bounce ideas off of others and work to get insights to integrate into the design. Socially, we understand this. We have friendsContinue reading “Clarity Comes from Engagement”

How To Manage Projects

You have the whole world at your fingertips, and if you want, you can get people to help you get work done, build systems and grow your business. The challenge is to be clear and manage projects with the desired outcomes articulated and identified. It can sound obvious, but there are plenty of stories ofContinue reading “How To Manage Projects”

Being Creative Means You Ship

Shipping is hard. There’s a lot that gets in the way. However, it is becoming a glaring differentiator for businesses that succeed versus those that drown in persistent mediocrity. I think pressure really gets in the way for organizations that have a problem shipping. When it comes time to getting across the goal line, thereContinue reading “Being Creative Means You Ship”

Courting The Customer

It’s delicate. You can’t annoy people and expect them to like you. Pushing ads in people’s faces only creates a repelling effect. You will be ignored. Yet, out of desperation, businesses sell hard today. They see all the shiny new tools available for marketing and abuse the mediums by spamming. Whether it’s web spam, email,Continue reading “Courting The Customer”

Location Is Irrelevant With A Cloud Organization

Some of the teams we implement cloud computing systems for work in one location. Many more are distributed and work all over the country and the world. With Google Apps, for example, a team can be in completely different locations and feel together in one environment. Their collaboration is in real-time and everyone can getContinue reading “Location Is Irrelevant With A Cloud Organization”

Why Salesforce Is Not For Dummies

When something doesn’t work, it is easy to blame the software. We see it all the time. is a system which is highly customizable and can power an entire business, with limitations of course. However, it depends on talented people that can navigate the system, execute process and think. To elaborate: Navigate the system. IfContinue reading “Why Salesforce Is Not For Dummies”

Scalability With Google Apps

Moving your team from a server to the cloud allows you to go faster.  The interchange of data, managing that data and leveraging the data becomes easier.  The friction between a piece of software talking to a server, as opposed to direct access to a service that is always on, has completely different business impacts. Continue reading “Scalability With Google Apps”

How We Integrate Google Apps With Salesforce

Google Apps and are two of the leading cloud computing software vendors in the world. We have partnered with both and customize these systems around the processes of specific businesses based on their requirements. As we advise our clients on technology, process and systems, we always want to keep in mind the questions aboutContinue reading “How We Integrate Google Apps With Salesforce”

Google Apps For Group Coordination

Organizations that want to solve the problem of communication and collaboration with team members in many locations would be well-served by the cloud architecture in Google Apps. There are some practical reasons for such a strategic choice in this platform. Here are a few: Easy setup. If you have new members being added, they can beContinue reading “Google Apps For Group Coordination”

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