4 Google Apps Contacts Tips

Google Apps Contacts helps you to organize the people in your life for doing business or building relationships.  Over time, it has evolved to become more useful while retaining the signature Google simplicity in appearance and experience. As you grow your use of Google Apps, here are some productivity and collaboration tips to help youContinue reading “4 Google Apps Contacts Tips”

3 Google Apps Contact Management Best Practices

Google Apps easily becomes your workhorse for productivity.  You have one login for multiple applications from any computer and Android device within an integrated framework. Managing your contacts inside the Google Apps structure effectively can allow you to move with speed to get things done with the people you need to connect to.  People areContinue reading “3 Google Apps Contact Management Best Practices”

Google Apps As A CRM Or Not

We have been asked many times if Google Apps can be used as a CRM system. Customer Relationship Management or Contact Management can be managed to a certain extent within Google Apps. We will share how the workflow can be useful in certain situations and the limitations therein. Context With Contacts Let’s say that youContinue reading “Google Apps As A CRM Or Not”

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