Clarity Comes from Engagement

Spending time designing a system, message or business requires getting clear about how something should work, flow or connect. I have not found that this can be done in isolation. I need to bounce ideas off of others and work to get insights to integrate into the design. Socially, we understand this. We have friendsContinue reading “Clarity Comes from Engagement”

Design Trumps Technology

We are in the age of design. The future now belongs to a very different kind of skill and talent, those who are creative and connect. Yet too many people are still enamored and stuck on technology.  That was what was important in 2001 – functionality, horsepower, software coding, Powerpoint. Keep working and doing businessContinue reading “Design Trumps Technology”

Worse Than “Unsubscribed” — Being Ignored

Consider the fact that for every 100 emails it is “normal” for 60 to 70 recipients to ignore you. We live in an attention economy where attention is becoming more and more scarce.  Even good messages have difficulty in being read. With that in mind what would improve your chances of your email being read?Continue reading “Worse Than “Unsubscribed” — Being Ignored”

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