Faster Gmail Productivity

Your Google Apps system should be your slave, not your master.  If technology overruns your life, then you are continually at its mercy when interruptions bombard your work day.  The easy interface of Google Apps Mail and speed of processing allows you to move quickly in and out of your email. The technology is notContinue reading “Faster Gmail Productivity”

Keeping a ZeroInbox In Google Apps

Google Apps is built to help you keep a zero inbox.  This is a strategy of execution which helps you towards higher levels of productivity and having peace of mind.  It maps to the reality of today – relentless onslaughts of information inputs in your life and the need to keep moving. As a knowledgeContinue reading “Keeping a ZeroInbox In Google Apps”

I’ve reached my email storage limit!

If you’ve used 8 megabytes of storage allocated by Google Apps you have used a massive amount of storage. Therefore this article is for that very rare account that has reached the 8 megabyte limit. You know you’ve reached that limit when Google notifies you that your account has been maxed or you see aContinue reading “I’ve reached my email storage limit!”

Send Mail As Another Email

You can consolidate your email addresses into one Gmail account.  By setting up your other email addresses to be sent as the FROM address, you can have one master inbox for all of your emails.  Do the following: Go to the Settings > Accounts menu for setting up your Send Mail As Add the otherContinue reading “Send Mail As Another Email”