Why Entrepreneurs Need To Be Contingency Experts

The best laid plans will not work out. We don’t live in Eden. We live in a world where there are good intentions, but life gets in the way. Things go wrong all the time. And for the entrepreneur, the person pioneering on the frontier of ideas and seeking to make them happen in reality,Continue reading “Why Entrepreneurs Need To Be Contingency Experts”

Everything is an Experiment

  Here’s the simple strategy for keeping you from getting washed away in the tides of innovation all around you: Observe what’s happening around you in your world and see what people are buying. Come up with 3 ideas that get people to buy. Build a solution and sell it to one customer. Observe theirContinue reading “Everything is an Experiment”

How Are You Playing?

There was a class of MBA students that was once asked by their professor, “What is risk?” The answers that came back were conventional: “To start a business,” and “To become an entrepreneur,” and “To invest in the stock market.” The professor let the class name several and then he named it, “To have onlyContinue reading “How Are You Playing?”

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