Using Google+ For Support

Google+ is continually being explored for its many use cases. One of the less commented opportunities is to serve your customers with support. Every new customer or prospect can be added to a new circle called “Clients,” “Customers,” or “Support.” You now have a specific area to share knowledge, best practices or anything you wishContinue reading “Using Google+ For Support”

Beyond Likes, +1’s And Retweets

You can find me on Twitter and Google+. Hanging out and connecting with people and information in social media helps me keep in tune with what is going on and join the conversation out there. It also is a way I can give back. As I find information, I contribute. As I have thoughts, strategiesContinue reading “Beyond Likes, +1’s And Retweets”

Google Sites Collaboration

Your team thrives based on how seamless information is accessed to execute. Your customers perceive higher value from communications and transparency in their engagement with your organization. Knowledge sites can be built to facilitate collaboration with your team and customers within Google Apps. Part of the suite of products which can be used strategically isContinue reading “Google Sites Collaboration”

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