The Only Answer is Repetition

At some point, there’s nothing more to change or create. You know what to do and only dogged determination and repetition with accountability will work. This is the part of scaling that moves the ball inches at a time and is quite painful. Repeating what everyone has agreed to can seem tedious, but it isContinue reading “The Only Answer is Repetition”

Salesforce AppExchange And The Power Of Platforms

Salesforce announced over a million installs of Apps from the AppExchange recently.  This is a powerful milestone reinforcing the platform which has become.  To get to the goal of automating business processes, third-party applications can be tried and integrated for a more complete solution.  Business users get the same benefits of a complete ecosystem likeContinue reading “Salesforce AppExchange And The Power Of Platforms” Sales Team Alignment

Salespeople by nature are highly individualistic and tactical.  Implementing can become difficult without buy-in from your team into a system.  After all, that is what this CRM system is about.  It is a system for selling which transcends the individual, though it ultimately benefits the individual salesperson. What Salespeople Want Salespeople do not wantContinue reading “ Sales Team Alignment” Customer Options For Success

Being a good consulting customer boils down to the military’s mantra quote of Thomas Paine: “Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.” For that matter, it works for any customer of any service: Option 1:  Lead If you know what you are doing and you understand your process and systems thoroughly,Continue reading “ Customer Options For Success” Change Management is a disruptive technology.  It is more than a functional tool that a single user relies on to get things out like an Excel spreadsheet or a Word document.  It is a business system which touches people and process.  Those two elements create great opportunity if you can align your team.  It is alsoContinue reading “ Change Management”

Salesforce Consulting: Customization Of Task Subject Fields

Designing sales process in our consulting requires a way to capture activities for reporting.  Management dashboards can then be used to align sales and service processes.  Customization of the task subject field in is an ideal area to: Help your users with recording activities consistently Increase user productivity Keep alignment on process executionContinue reading “Salesforce Consulting: Customization Of Task Subject Fields”

Salesforce Data Migration data migration is a complex and rigorous process depending on the originating CRM database.  As consultants, there may be a transition from another CRM system we have to manage for launching a new system. We have developed a data migration strategy over the years and we wanted to share our approach here.  EachContinue reading “Salesforce Data Migration”

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