Innovation Is Marketing Success

At the core of our business, we are innovators. We do not seek to rest on our laurels and successes. Each success we experience is ultimately a building block. If we continued with marketing strategies from five years ago, much less even a year ago, then we would be on the path to obsolescence. WeContinue reading “Innovation Is Marketing Success”

The Reality Of Inbound Marketing In 2012

It is a new year and old school sales may have a few holdouts in some slower industries. However, the concept of interrupting people and pushing unsolicited sales messages is fast fading. Look at the bookstores and note the literature. You will not find hit books on how to cold-call better or mass mail withContinue reading “The Reality Of Inbound Marketing In 2012”

Competing On Credibility And Substance

I found Seth Godin’s article on bonus content and multimedia spot on (as usual). The experimentation with using multimedia inside a book has large possibilities. We are enamored with our mobile devices and tablets and their special effects. Seeing bigger budget special effects in movies continues to awe us. However, tampering with the medium ofContinue reading “Competing On Credibility And Substance”

The Buying Season

It’s December and buying is a top priority on people’s minds. The emotion of buying far supercedes any forces from selling we might presuppose as marketers and salespeople. The natural cycle of our culture overtakes people’s behaviors during this time of year. If you are positioned well and can help people buy as they areContinue reading “The Buying Season”

Beware Of The Marketer

Everyone is a marketer today. As the ability to distribute your message has become much easier than in times past, there has been much more noise. Anyone can post, tweet or blog. Thus, everyone is marketing something, whether it is their goods or themselves. While it may feel good to market because of the powerContinue reading “Beware Of The Marketer”

Marketing With The Back Story

Melvin The Magical Mixed Media Machine from HEYHEYHEY on Vimeo. There is a video which has an immense following. It is not about a person. It is about a machine, a Rube Goldberg machine, which promotes itself via Twitter, Facebook, video and a website. Some passionate artists and technicians did the work of creating aContinue reading “Marketing With The Back Story”

Validation In The Buying Process

The internet changes the game between the buyer and the seller. Second opinions are easy to access for a buyer. Assuming your lead generation systems and marketing automation are set up well, a new lead will be nurtured, scored and engaged when they are ready. There are analytics and systems which work effectively. However, trustContinue reading “Validation In The Buying Process”

Continuous Change And Reinvention

It is easy to get confused and delirious with all the marketing fads.  Marketing and sales executives are looking for ways to drive demand and revenue.  The frequency and speed of change can siphon us into the barrage of tools in marketing automation, social media, CRM and web technologies.  It is fast, furious and relentlessContinue reading “Continuous Change And Reinvention”

Inbound Marketing Consulting Project With Pets For Patriots

We finished off an inbound marketing system project with Pets For Patriots and they announced it on the wire today. Their system has an array of automation tools that help to nurture and transact with site visitors. They have a neat cause for our nation’s patriots and endangered pets.  Be sure to take a visitContinue reading “Inbound Marketing Consulting Project With Pets For Patriots”

Teaching Articles To Help Prospects Overcome Obstacles

Content marketing has a main goal of helping your prospects.  Thus, teaching articles which help your buyers to frame their problems and figure out how to overcome their issues need to be part of your engagement and approach.. When a person lands on an article or is following you via social media or RSS, theyContinue reading “Teaching Articles To Help Prospects Overcome Obstacles”

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