Leveling Up

If the world was a static place, you could make your bed, set things in order and watch your money-making job or business simply cash flow without disruption. However, we don’t live in Narnia. It’s not a place of bliss and perfection. Now that everyone is connected and able to make change, it forces yourContinue reading “Leveling Up”

4 Salesforce Process Creation Tips

  Your business is nothing more than a process.  After all, that is what a business is.  It is a sequence of repeatable, and sometimes custom steps which create a predictable result, either a product or service. Process is what we all use, but often times, it is difficult to capture and create the systemsContinue reading “4 Salesforce Process Creation Tips”

Salesforce Success Is Continuous

Salesforce.com Success depends heavily on the approach, leadership and mindset of the team adopting the system.  Having helped organizations become successful with Salesforce.com over thousands of hours of up front and personal work, it is obvious that those who succeed have a different mindset from those who get stuck or never get started.  It startsContinue reading “Salesforce Success Is Continuous”

Salesforce Is Not The Savior

We all want success in our business.  More often than not, we see a focus on technology as a savior rather than what really matters to drive success. Salesforce.com is an extremely powerful system which is largely misunderstood for its capabilities.  The namesake affects the branding and, thus, there is a misperception that it isContinue reading “Salesforce Is Not The Savior”

Salesforce And Legos

Salesforce.com is remarkable for building your business process because of the ability to customize and extend your requirements.  Kids experience this same effect in the LEGO universe.  They often start with a specific kit.  They soon realize that parts are interchangeable, and they are able to add other pieces or new kits to create theirContinue reading “Salesforce And Legos”

Salesforce Automation Steps

Buying Salesforce.com is easy; automating your business processes using Salesforce.com has a natural progression.  In our Salesforce consulting, we like to help our customers to walk their process manually before automating.  This allows for control and mastery before coding, scripting or creating a routine process structure.  Approaching your own organization with the goal of automatingContinue reading “Salesforce Automation Steps”


There is no perfect marketing process.  But there is effective automated marketing.  Getting to perfect is a lost cause.  This would require the world to stand still and the fickleness of buyers to align with a formula. Getting to effectiveness is a search for resonance.  It is achieved through continual iteration.  The secret to theContinue reading “Iteration”