4 Lead Assignment Tips

If you have an abundance of leads from your inbound marketing system, then qualification becomes a challenge.  Your Loopfuse system should be set up for positioning your sales team to qualify and convert leads based on various criteria which are part of your Lead records. Part of the challenge is to ensure that the flowContinue reading “4 Lead Assignment Tips”

Loopfuse Content Marketing Call To Actions

Loopfuse will not generate demand by itself any more than a car will win a NASCAR race without a driver and a team.  It is world-class technology which can translate to millions of dollars of revenue for the right team operating and building the right campaigns inside of it. Marketing Automation Is The Middle LoopfuseContinue reading “Loopfuse Content Marketing Call To Actions”

Real-Time Reaction

Think about how much you forget while surfing the internet. When you are learning about something new or searching for something you are not quite sure exists yet, you may navigate a multitude of pages until you hone in on your desired content. If all the while you are entering and leaving storefronts, valuable contentContinue reading “Real-Time Reaction”