Design the Customer Journey

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Yes, I understand you want money. You want people to buy now. The temptation to simply expect and demand cash is so high and blinding that it’s hard for a seller to see why money becomes elusive.

In some cases when the pain is high – root canals, broken transmissions, fallen bridges – the customer goes straight to the answer. They want the full offering because the pain and the cure are clear and needed.

What about cosmetic dental work, upgrading to a Tesla or improving infrastructure for growing populations?

The sale is a bit harder. The pain is low. Your customer’s status quo is fine. And your offering feels like a big commitment. It can be delayed.

Is there a lesser first step you can start with to stir the customer’s thinking? A test drive or a new mirror can get a person thinking about something they haven’t entertained.

There’s the beginning seed.

You have to gain interest, attention and trust at the start. This is hard in a crowded, overwhelming marketplace. This feels daunting when everyone can get what they want with their thumbs and iPhone.

That starting point, not your final sale, is where you have to dig, design and consistently offer yourself. I bet your customer journey could have a bit more courtship involved. I bet you could start and build trust with a few touches that lead your customer through smaller, more comfortable steps.

Yes, you can sell more. But you have to care more first. And that means stepping back and walking that emotional journey your customer feels. You can design the journey and help them towards a bigger yes, the one you want. Caring about where they are at and how they proceed to trust you means going slower so you can go faster.

What’s easy for your customer to say yes to first? How about second?

How could you design the steps with care that lead them to what they eventually need from you?

Lead Nurturing With Education

If your buyer is not educated, then they will feel unready to engage the sales conversation with your team.  Filling this gap with strategic marketing automation lead flows in Loopfuse that help the buyer to ask the right questions sets up a qualified lead for your sales team.

If you sell a sophisticated product or service, expect that much of the focus of your marketing automation campaigns will revolve around education.  If you provide this value to potential buyers, then your expertise becomes established in their mind.

Here are some approaches we have used to in our marketing automation consulting to help our clients funnel their prospects through the buying process which will help you design your own processes:

  1. Focus on the problem. Use a sequence of autoresponse emails to articulate the specific problem your customers seek to solve.  The scenarios can vary.  You can segment each lead flow by problem definition to allow your landing page visitor to opt into a personalized experience with the problem they face.  Speaking about features and benefits is marketing talk.  Start with the problem and how your offering makes a difference and helps people every day.
  2. Ensure the copy is conversational. If you merely provide an encyclopedia of answers, people can turn to Wikipedia or other sterile sources of information.  Use plain language in your copy and connect as a human being.  Assume your buyers know very little about how your industry or market works.  Provide the rudiments and help them gain expertise in a sequential diet of information that makes sense to any person new to the industry.
  3. Provide branched lead flows. When your email campaigns reach a logical point, provide other calls to action for further lead flow opportunities that get further than preliminary education.  This could be an e-course or videos that go further into the education process.
  4. Score your leads for their opt-ins. As your leads opt into further lead flows, ascribe scoring that helps to qualify their lead status for your sales team.  If there is deep interest in the education process, then create a triggered task for your salesperson to make contact.  The sequence of Lead activities should reveal a high level of engagement and interest which makes sense for sales engagement.
  5. Break up the content. Our attention is sparse.  Instead of a thirty minute video, make 5 smaller videos.  Condense white paper content to multiple pieces or email template communications.  Create anticipation for the next Lead Flow sequence and integrate them together into a cohesive experience.  This creates fresh engagement for your buyers and keeps their attention and engagement.  Furthermore, your marketing automation rules can be further engineered to funnel the buyer for each interaction.

If your buyer feels educated, they feel empowered.  Furthermore, if you are the one providing the education, then you will have permission to engage in dialogue.

Help them know the right questions to ask and frame the sales discussion from the education process.

Using your Loopfuse system to design multiple educational Lead Flows will create the growing pipeline for lead qualification for your sales team.  You will notice a difference in the sales conversation with higher levels of trust and readiness to buy.

What are some areas that you could provide marketing automation for education?

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Loopfuse Content Marketing Call To Actions

Loopfuse will not generate demand by itself any more than a car will win a NASCAR race without a driver and a team.  It is world-class technology which can translate to millions of dollars of revenue for the right team operating and building the right campaigns inside of it.

Marketing Automation Is The Middle

Loopfuse is the tool for the middle of the funnel (see  This is where nurturing, delivering value and scoring ready leads is done.  It is relevant today more than ever because the dynamics of buying have completely shifted.  Buyers are in charge, not sellers.  Buyers delay their engagement with salespeople and the sales process until they are ready or have to connect.  The front part of selling is now self-service.  Information is readily available for the buyer online.

If your content does not connect or is not found, then the opportunity for Loopfuse to deliver results will be hampered.  Content marketing is critical to master within the Loopfuse framework.  Ultimately your content should create a call to action within your landing pages and campaigns.  Consider the following to help an anonymous visitor become a lead that you can nurture.

1. Tactical How-To Content

Your landing pages should have ongoing value to help the buyer in their decision making as well as empower them to be in the sales conversation.  The content you produce will live and perpetuate online.  It will establish your credibility and authority if you continue to publish and produce value that buyers can use and engage with.

A second layer of increased value in the form of tactical content such as how to build a website or steps for starting a business are more concrete.  This can be captured and packaged within mediums that require an email.  Once you have the email, your nurturing can begin.

The form of your content can be ebooks, white papers, guides, video or podcasts.  A buyer that requests your special content has opted in to learn more.  Ensure this process is well-defined and creates a positive emotion.  Use lead nurturing to follow up with interaction on the buyers’ opinions and comments.  Ensure you have set up Lead Scoring to track each movement and response to your automation campaign.

2. Educational Process Using Lead Flows

Your Loopfuse Lead Flows can be set up to educate a buyer about your value proposition, especially if you sell a sophisticated product or service.  Scheduling timing of emails days apart that build upon each other can be a powerful way of getting windows of attention in a busy work environment while helping your buyer understand new information that helps them say, “Yes.”

Each of the lead flows can break off into a decision matrix based on actions or inaction of the buyers.  If they are not interacting with your content, then different campaign messaging could be injected into the decision matrix.

Furthermore, lead scoring can be used to gauge answers from short survey questions covering the content to reinforce learning.

The more educated your customer is about your market, products and value the more intelligent the sales conversation will be.

3. Physical Products

Another triggered action which works effectively is to design your content in an interactive fashion.  Using a testing mechanism, you can drive a reward at the end which allows for a free prize.  Much like we cherished the prizes in a Cracker Jack Box, buyers love rewards.

Create an online test that integrates with your lead scoring.  When certain triggers are met, send a t-shirt, cap or what is relevant to your business to recognize and promote affinity.  You are creating fans in the process.  Your system should then continue to nurture based on a continuous buying experience.

Loopfuse Consulting Strategy

These strategies have worked effectively in our Loopfuse consulting with customers.  The mechanics can be managed with the controls inside Loopfuse.  The hard part is the touch, the art and the connection with the buyer.  It has to be personalized and strategic.  The timing, design, content and approach needs to be mapped out with the goal of lead conversion in mind.

What would such strategies do for your marketing automation initiatives?


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How To Automate The High Fidelity Sale

In Kevin Maney’s book, Trade-Off, Why Some Things Catch On And Others Don’t, we learn about two categories of products and businesses – Fidelity and Convenience.  High fidelity businesses are inconvenient.  They typically have cachet and price points which make it more desirable for upper end buyers.

High convenience businesses are easy to get in terms of cost and access.  Maney’s message is that to succeed, you must position and commit to one or the other.  Otherwise, you are destined to fail.  Ted Leonsis, former president of AOL, sums it up, “A successful business is either loved or needed.”  The problem is when you try to be both.

Buying Process For High Fidelity

Choosing the high fidelity approach requires a focus on one of the 22 Immutable Laws Of Marketing, “It is better to be first in the mind than to be first in the marketplace.”  With automated marketing in Loopfuse, you have the opportunity to be first in the mind.  Segmenting leads and delivering the right message and action at the right time with high value creates the conditions for a lead conversion.  The art of nurturing within Loopfuse should be designed with a continual focus on the positioning of your value proposition.

The high fidelity sale demands that you show you are the best.  Within Loopfuse OneView’s campaigns, ensure the communications contain a highly attractive and consistent graphical framework which elicits emotion from the potential buyer.  If you have nurturing emails timed to go out based on a campaign opt-in within Loopfuse OneView, the content should highlight beyond mere features and benefits.  Help the buyer to imagine.  Powerful stories of customers using your product or service and the results they have in their life would increase the value perception to a high fidelity offering.

Furthermore, use cases which promote creativity and personal embrace help the potential buyer move from estrangement to intimacy.  They can see themselves using your service or product and over time, with effective nurturing, emotionally move from indifference to near obsession.

Marketing automation enables you to present your brand incrementally and build trust by familiarity and increased relevance.

Loopfuse Consulting Best Practice

The best practice Loopfuse strategy for the high fidelity offering is to use nurturing email campaigns with a high attention to design.  The content must connect and affect the emotions post by post.  Imagine building to a gradual crescendo.  The nurturing effect should be continually refined to produce a buyer from an uninformed lead.  Help them get to know your value and your delighted customers through story as they build a picture of who you are.  The picture comes into focus with each touchpoint delivered by Loopfuse.  Such campaigns enhance your high fidelity offering by building a case for being first in your customers’ minds.


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Driving Inbound Marketing In Loopfuse

Inbound Marketing With Loopfuse

Closed loop marketing involves seeing information within and through the sales funnel. Your different marketing channels constitute costs in terms of dollars and effort. Measuring this within Loopfuse can be done with the inbound marketing tool sets provided in Loopfuse in real-time.

Referring Sites

The feedback loop on your referring sites will help you to focus your content, social media and link backs effectively. See how people are finding you and build up the sources that may be unexpected yet promising while continuing to nurture already effective sources.

Inbound Marketing Keywords

Strangers start with search to find your value offering. Your keywords help you understand the psychology of your audience and gives you a feedback loop for how to further drive SEO marketing and PPC campaigns.

Get Found

Loopfuse is a strategic enabler to increase your landing site visitors and allowing your marketing automation system to convert leads. With the focus of increasingly integrated marketing, be sure to broaden your strategy for increased engineering of your sales funnel. Our marketing automation consulting with companies requires continual refinement to optimize the funnel. Inbound marketing is the way people buy today and your ability to tune in can be the difference between success and mediocrity.


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Integrated Marketing

Disparate systems can be a problem.  The continuity of data which helps you understand your return on investment for marketing initiatives is easily broken.  What is hard to manage becomes less motivating to use.  Thus, the problem of piecemeal marketing presents itself in a world where it is completely possible to measure the lifecycle of a prospective customer from interest to doing business.

An integrated marketing strategy measures interest from the very start.  Loopfuse is structured to measure the first engagements with your marketing automation campaigns from the internet, search and social media.  Redirect urls become critical to connect the visitor to their journey through your sales process.  When a Lead closes, then you have the complete picture of what is working and what is not.  The metrics are contained within a strategically designed system.

The age of speed requires you to remove friction from the feedback cycle of marketing.  Having the ability to measure, analyze and iterate is pivotal for marketing success.  In  your integrated marketing strategy in Loopfuse, you are set up for continuous improvement as you watch your funnel manage the movements of buyers on a personal and customized engagement.  With too much information out there, your buyer wants you to tune in.  It’s only possible if you are fast enough to make sense of the data and drive change quickly.  The old days of marketing silos are past us.  Ensure your strategy is completely integrated to keep pace with your buyers.


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Real-Time Reaction

Think about how much you forget while surfing the internet. When you are learning about something new or searching for something you are not quite sure exists yet, you may navigate a multitude of pages until you hone in on your desired content.

If all the while you are entering and leaving storefronts, valuable content and building blocks of knowledge, you will likely forget more than you remember.  The sheer amount of information becomes irrelevant.  Very few sites are designed to engage and follow up with you.  They stop at creating awareness rather than create a process for you to engage or be nurtured with.

In a Loopfuse environment, you have the perfect opportunity to nurture strangers.  If you have a manual follow-up process, you are too slow for internet time.  If you have an automated buying process, your Loopfuse system can engage strangers and move them further into the funnel.  The intelligence, feedback and system actions which drive a personal, relevant and timely reaction allow you to gain permission.  Scoring, lead flows and content delivery in an orchestrated manner convert strangers into friends when designed effectively.

The information highway is extremely busy every day.  If you engage the traffic with Loopfuse automation, you have the opportunity to move from blurry images to leads looking for information to pertinent and memorable value pieces in their eventual buying decision.


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How To Decide Who Are The Best Prospects

We’ve all heard the phrase salespeople are a dime a dozen. The truth is, it is not just salespeople it’s most people in business. To stand out today you must be agile and remarkable. You must follow a predictable process or you will get sidetracked by busyness. Most sales departments spend a good portion of their time on highly unproductive activities. Focusing on the wrong prospects, delivering the wrong message, and connecting or attempting to connect at the wrong time. What if you could read a persons digital body language and determine how close they are to being ready to buy?

Today we have that ability in which we can see how far along a person is the buying process that determines what should happen next in the selling process. If your buying and selling process are solid then you will appreciate knowing who are your top prospects.

Using Loopfuse here is how you determine your top prospects:

Note: Enlarge images under each step by clicking or double clicking on the image.

STEP 1: From the Loopfuse navigation dashboard near the top select REPORTING > REPORTS MANAGER.

STEP 2: The screen that appears will show you a list of available reports on the left side select TOP 100 SCORED LEADS.

STEP 3: The screen that appears will give you two options to select from. We recommend this report for a sales team be run each day and that you work your Sales and Buying Process from this list each day. You can also select to receive the report immediately. The report will be generated and sent to your email address.

STEP 4: Check your email from Loopfuse and click the link as described in the email. The screenshot you see in this step should appear. You now want to click the button as shown. You can then open the spreadsheet in Excel or other comparable program like Open Office.

STEP 5: The spreadsheet will appear with your Top 100 Prospects based on Score.

This will ensure that your sales team in working with the right prospects if your sales and buying process are aligned. It will also guide your project team to ensure that the results translate into a predictable buying process based on the score or show the need to modify and create a better buying and sales process.

If you need assistance developing your own Grade and Scoring system, click here (COMING SOON!) and we will walk you through the process for developing that process.

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