Overselling – The Keyboard Vs. The Mouth

Overselling today is a symptom of holding on to what does not work anymore.  Traditional marketing and sales creatively interrupted people.  The message was about talking about how great you and your products or services are.  This is what advertising, direct mail, and sales teams were used for.  Today, it misses the buyer.  They don’tContinue reading “Overselling – The Keyboard Vs. The Mouth”

Niche Marketing Strategy For Inbound Marketing

If your offering is not a mass market appeal, then your niche marketing strategy needs to position your brand for a specific, narrow and identified buyer.  There are brands that appeal to the mass market.  GE light bulbs, Xerox copiers, Dell laptops and the New York Times are focused on the masses.  If brands likeContinue reading “Niche Marketing Strategy For Inbound Marketing”

Why Buyers Avoid Your Sales Process

Your sales process is about you, not about your buyer.  How soon did you want to talk to a salesperson on your last major purchase?  It was likely much later, not sooner.  The reason is that we all know once we engage a salesperson, we are going to be harassed.  This is by design.  TheContinue reading “Why Buyers Avoid Your Sales Process”

Four Brand Marketing Strategies For Your Products And Services

Your brand is far more important than your product or service. How a buyer or customer perceives you in the mind far outweighs what is already expected in your service.  We all expect quality products and great service.  Ask anyone what makes them special and the answer is typically something generic of this sort.  ThereContinue reading “Four Brand Marketing Strategies For Your Products And Services”

Adaptive Marketing As The New Reality

There is a pulse to your market.  Plugging into the whims and trends of your customer requires an adaptive marketing strategy.  The attention economy has us moving along the fast currents of a collective conscience in social media and the blogosphere.  To remain relevant requires real-time marketing that continually responds to your buyers and theirContinue reading “Adaptive Marketing As The New Reality”

Inbound Marketing Strategy With Value And Content First

It is harder than ever to build trust today, thus, you have to focus on positioning.  Bring value through content first.  How you are perceived by your prospective buyer can be affected by the work or the lack thereof you do before you meet with them.  While many salespeople are trained in outdated ways ofContinue reading “Inbound Marketing Strategy With Value And Content First”

Marketing Genius Is Perseverance In Disguise

Getting a customer is very difficult.  Starting with that premise helps to set the right expectations of what it takes to win a new customer.  It is a process which requires commitment.  The good news is that if you are willing to persevere and continue the process of refining your systems, content and approach youContinue reading “Marketing Genius Is Perseverance In Disguise”

How Effective Inbound Marketing Is Done

The Inbound Marketing Approach Today You have two choices with your marketing. You can set up a traditional approach of outbound marketing. This entails contacting potential clients with mailers, calls and advertising. Or you might seek to solicit with your network.  This is interruption and today, we all have means for blocking interruption – callerContinue reading “How Effective Inbound Marketing Is Done”


There is no perfect marketing process.  But there is effective automated marketing.  Getting to perfect is a lost cause.  This would require the world to stand still and the fickleness of buyers to align with a formula. Getting to effectiveness is a search for resonance.  It is achieved through continual iteration.  The secret to theContinue reading “Iteration”

Everyone Is Not Your Customer

Not all prospects are equal. Just because someone visited your site or store, does not mean you have permission to engage them. A portion of them will at some point give this permission based on their preferences and requests. The others will react negatively towards unsolicited marketing advances. We should know this because we areContinue reading “Everyone Is Not Your Customer”