Google Chat Tips

With Google Apps Chat, you have a connected team.  When your organization is connected, they can be anywhere in the world.  Collaborating in real-time becomes powerful for moving vague pieces forward to a puzzle.  Often times, the people on your team have a distribution of necessary knowledge to solve problems and drive action forward.  HereContinue reading “Google Chat Tips”

Google Apps For Your Memory

Trying to keep things in your memory is difficult.  We would like to have pristine environments to work, but the reality is that in the grind, work is messy, fast and relentless.  Yet, when we are getting things done, all of this information is valuable as a log for future reference.  There are times whenContinue reading “Google Apps For Your Memory”

Google Apps Mobile Setup Strategy

Knowledge work happens everywhere, and your mobile workers need access to Google Apps anywhere and everywhere.  Setting up your Google Apps system to work with your team, regardless of their location, is a strategic advantage for getting things done. Collaborating In Real-Time Today’s smartphone devices, primarily the Google Android phone and the iPhone, have manyContinue reading “Google Apps Mobile Setup Strategy”

Google Chat For The Cloud Organization

Google Chat is a unifying technology embedded within the Google Apps mail interface.  Teams which adopt the workflow and interface within Google Apps quickly find a powerful productivity enhancement. The Connected Team Today, work can get done from anywhere.  A knowledge worker is someone who moves information towards actions and results.  We are bombarded byContinue reading “Google Chat For The Cloud Organization”

Android Phones For Google Apps

Android is Google’s operating system and is now prevalent in powerful mobile devices.  These mobile devices have a tightly integrated experience with Google Apps.  The mail, calendar and contacts work with direct sync and functionality as the online experience. Furthermore, there are a myriad of third-party applications which you can add to enhance your mobileContinue reading “Android Phones For Google Apps”

BlackBerry Setup Items

The BlackBerry device is a popular option for use with Google Apps.  There are three applications to consider for complete mobile integration: The BlackBerry Enhanced Gmail Plug-In.  Click here to access this.  This plugin allows for using the controls such as archiving, star items, etc. that you would use in your Google Apps email.  TheContinue reading “BlackBerry Setup Items”

Android Phone Gmail Setup

A Google Android phone is ideal for working with Google Apps.  On an initial setup of the phone, a respective Gmail or Google Apps account needs to be associated with the phone for integration with the Android Applications, namely, Calendar, Contacts, Gmail and Google Talk. If you are setting up a new domain to actContinue reading “Android Phone Gmail Setup”

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