The Problem with Leveling Up

The Peter Principle sure can be observed frequently and predictably, not only in hierarchies, but in new endeavors. Just because something worked at a lower level of pursuit does not mean it will work in the next level up. Common sense? Yes. But it is a principle that repeatedly gets reinforced by the comfort zonesContinue reading “The Problem with Leveling Up”

Managing the Ask

If you feel overwhelmed in life or seem to be putting out fires all the time without much forward progress, then consider how you manage expectations. I can understand that when you want to be helpful or valuable that it is easy to jump at requests. Or sometimes, you may not know that you areContinue reading “Managing the Ask”

Effort And Results

We are told not to confuse the two – effort and results. It is not that they are opposed to each other. One is process. The other is outcome. Results depend on effort. Effort drives results. In the thick of your daily work, there is likely a lot of waste. It’s the noise from theContinue reading “Effort And Results”

The Art Of Responsiveness

Responsiveness used to be a competitive advantage. That was when everyone was catching up with the tools and technologies for on-demand communication and action. Now that we all have access to the tools, responsiveness is expected. Ironically, there is still a deficit in responsive communications. We are still put on hold in directory trees whenContinue reading “The Art Of Responsiveness”

Persistence And Leadership

  We live in a world of dichotomy. On the one hand, we are sold a lot of marketing enticements: It is easy Buy now, pay later You can have it now Shop what you are looking for This may apply to buying a new Kindle on Amazon or even downloading a book when youContinue reading “Persistence And Leadership”

Overcoming Inertia In Your Work

We’re all ruled by inertia. I was a mechanical engineer in my past life.  It was drilled into my head that the laws of physics are governed by Newton’s laws of motion.  The first law according to Wikipedia states: Every body remains in a state of constant velocity unless acted upon by an external unbalanced force.ThisContinue reading “Overcoming Inertia In Your Work”

When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

Feeling overwhelmed is common for many in our age of speed today. The pace, ambiguity and relentlessness of work can create a high level of stress. Every day has problems which need to be addressed. When you are feeling overwhelmed, it is hard to function. Here are some things which you can do when lifeContinue reading “When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed”

Bleeding For Your Work

“The older I get, the more I see how much motivations matter.  The Zune was crappy because the people at Microsoft don’t really love music or art the way we do.  We won because we personally love music.  We made the iPod for ourselves, and when you’re doing something for yourself, or your best friendContinue reading “Bleeding For Your Work”

Respect And Relationships

Respect is the lubricant of healthy relationships.  Our relationships are fragile when there is little trust.  Thus, we can be hypersensitive to disrespect.  It can keep trust from ever developing and allow for healthy relationships. The give and take in a consulting client relationship is like a dance.  Both parties have to move in synchronyContinue reading “Respect And Relationships”

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